I am a semi retired welder, and have just been implanted with  an ICD.  Are there any welders out there with ICDs and are still working? What precautions do you take?  I use both inverter and "old school" iron core welders.  I also sometimes have to use 3-phase industrial mills and lathes.  Is there any modifications I can do to the machinery in order to continue to use them?





by bosshog - 2020-02-24 17:55:36

I got an ICD implanted in November 2019. I work in industrial electronics/maintenance. I have not stopped welding, or working around large motors or generators. When welding I wrap my leads around each other, and stay at or below 160 amps. Generator/motors don't get closer than 12 inches or so to the windings. I was warned by EP to be careful with both of these, and use these precautions.

I was also warned about chainsaws above my head, but the main reason they gave me was that is is stressful and people have had heart attacks while doing that. My EP said he had 3 patients that had heart attacks while doing overhead cutting, one died from blood loss due to the chainsaw cut.

For PM patients these activities may be more critical as they may be dependant on the pacing, and it can go to default settings.

 I was nervous when I struck that first arc though!

Arc welding

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-24 22:50:23

Both Medtronic and Boston Scientific say to keep the arc at least 24" from your pacemaker, not use more than 160 amps, and keep the welding wires close together.  Also, keep the ground electrode close to the arc. 

Your situation may be different than most, so be sure to ask your EP or cardiologist.  EMI is far more serious for those who are PM dependent than those who have a very low pacing percentage.


by DouglasRachac - 2020-02-25 22:35:37

Here's what Medtronic says in their website. Boston Scientific has a document they can provide that says virtually the same thing. https://www.medtronic.com/us-en/patients/electromagnetic-guide/frequently-asked-questions.html

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