Pacemaker and TAVR

It's been 3 weeks and I actually felt better before they did all this , Cardiologist follow up took me off BP meds except for one said don't worry if BP is high well this morning and just about every morning it's high it was 153/97 ,and he never checked the actual surgery  I am very tired all the time can't do to much cause of some pain from the TAVR procedure I just don't understand it , hard to get answers surgeons or cardiologist just keep passing the buck, it's a little scary I never thought i would be this laid up for this long , also everyone tells me I'm very pale I just don't 

know what to do to get some answers, haven't heard from surgeons yet there supposed to set up a 30 day follow up appointment maybe I can get some kind of answer , and ask for another cardiologist 


Tiredness after surgery

by Selwyn - 2020-02-24 06:58:51

It is normal to feel tired after all surgery. Not that that is an excuse for not looking at what is happening.  

Firstly, along with the anxiety and stress that comes with surgery is a period of let down as your nervous system readjusts. ('flash-crash'). We tend to brace outselves for the trauma and then there is recovery period. This will be extended as you are still having pain ( ? why).

In your posting you mention that everyone thinks you are pale. It is not unusual to loose some blood during surgery.  Are you anaemic? Have you had a post operative blood test?

You certainly don't want to have any complications, like an infection to cause tiredness.

I trust the pacemaker is functioning OK?

Your blood pressure is a little high- it is not likely to be causing symptoms at that level.

I think the best thing for you is to talk to your medical team about your tiredness and get a reasoned explanation, making sure that your pallor is not due to anaemia. You need an explanation of why you still have pain!   

Until you get on top of the pain, you really aren't going to feel better. After any surgical procedure there is some degree of healing and 'let down' with the stress. Tiredness is the commonest symptom. 


Pain, TAVR, Tired

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-24 08:42:36

At this point you shouldn't have any, or at least minimal pain, either from the pacemaker implant or catheter entry sites. I'd certainly have that checked out.

I agree about the BP. It's high but not catastrophically so. Mine has been that high, many times, in the doctor's office. I would be unusual if that caused any immediate problems.

Tiredness and pale skin isn't right either. You should see someone about that. The blood loss from this surgery should be minimal. Even CABG surgery is usually done without significant loss. Probably your PCP is the best place to start with both problems.

TAVR is well described on the Internet.  A simple search will find a wealth of information.  It's unconscionable that your cardiologist won't explain it in whatever detail you want in a way that you can understand. Personally, I'd be looking for another cardiologist. Not sure why surgeons are involved at all. All of this is in the cardiologist's perview. If they have to pass this off to a surgeon,  you need to find another cardiologist and most likely a different hospital.

Sorry to be so blunt but you shouldn't have to go through all of this without some REALLY good answers.


by Bionic Beat - 2020-02-24 10:57:36

Along with other posters, I dont  think you need to be too worried about your BP or blood loss.

If I were you, I'd get up and go for a walk a few times a day, see if your 'color' doesnt change from a bit of moderate exercise.  It might help your BP to normalize as well if you are not focussed on the surgery and tiredness.   Tiredness is normal, as posted above but a few walks a day should make you feel much better.  Lucky that you're in Florida! 

Please do not let the pain interfere with normal activities (other than not moving your arm too high).   

Best Wishes,


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