The Whole Story Behind Kidney Stones

You think you got trouble, cousin?  Wed,noon, 19 Feb  Thought I was about to pass a second stone,  Yep, I did, took all of 30 minutes, just like first one last July. Hurt like %$#$%, justl ike July, but, it was only 30 min.  Midnight, 19 feb, started to pass another one.  Uh, a bit differeent - pain was excruciating.  Had a 30 min drive to ER.  Screamed at Wife all the way there.  I was birthing a stinking elephunt, head first, complete w/ fullu adult tusks.  Started at midnight, ended at about 0600.   Nothing would kill the pain.  No stones showed uip either.  CT showed three stones.  Two in kidney. ome about to enter bladder.  Bloody urine looked like the Battle of Manila Bay had taken place.  Along abiout Sat 1130, something starterted - more paim.  Lasted till aboutn 1830.  I birthed a beautiful , sand-colored  near-perfect stone, eliptical & smooth.  Also a lot of sand-like particals.  

By now they had given me 7 litres of water hoping to flush them all out.  I now looked like the Pillsbury Doughboy or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.  Three daays of Lssix brought me nearly back to normal, so they sent me home.  5 days lying on my bak w/ my knees & feet higher than my heart brought me back to the point that my Wife recognized my whole body.   A post-hospital visit to my Cardio on THurs, last week, discovered that my PM had lapsed into EOL.   I warned my Cardio that it was immninent, but he said "Nah, you've got 5 months, yet."  Well, so much for listening to patients!  Gohnna be real interesting to  see if we REALLY pullit off Tues PM.  To quote my Cardio last Thurs as we all sat discussing the situation - "Don, if it's wierd, it is going to happen to you,"

I appreciate your best wishes this past week.  Let you know howe it all comes out.



yah gotta

by ROBO Pop - 2020-02-24 15:02:10

Yah gotta stop getting stoned. At your age it ain't healthy. So you gonna take those precious stones to your jeweler and have a nice ring made for the lovely wife?

Call from Hosp.

by donr - 2020-02-24 20:04:40

They just called me.  More than a few hours late.  All seem,s to be in order.  To stones to jeweler today to be polished & set.

All should go well.  No one can pronounce surgeon's name.  Got a pick-up crew froim the street to help out.  Took order for meds so they can buy them on the street in AM. Want them to be fresh.  Also sugested that I be an hour earlier than told yesterday  so they have time to teach IV nurse how to get needle installed.  Offered me a video of the procedure st a reduced price.  Hoooah!!!!!


Good Luck Don

by Grateful Heart - 2020-02-24 22:35:55

Glad the stones are all behind you. 

My device had a mind of it's own too.  It was not interested in ERI at all.

Prayers for tomorrow.  Try not to give your doctors a hard time.

Grateful Heart

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