Pacemaker Mediated Tachycardia (PMT)

How common is PMT?

I'm one day short of a fortnight since my PM was implanted. Last week, at my check up, I was told that I had PMT and the Cardio Technician changed some settings to counteract the tachycardia. However, it's still happening. A few times a day (4 - 6 times) while going through my FitBit records, I see readings over 120-130 BPM.

I've read that PMT can be dealt with and am having another consultation tomorrow.


Forget what your FitBit is telling you

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-17 22:05:07

They're garbage for any serious medical use, particularly for anyone with any arrhythmias.  Mine tells me that my heart rate is 130-150, at times, when I'm on the treadmill and varies, often in a sawtooth pattern from 100-150.  It's a laugh.  My PM's max rate is 130bpm.  When walkign on the treadmill it's more like 110bpm.

None of the PulseOx type of sensors work on watches.  They move around too much to be reliable.  They're good as toys but don't bet your life on them.

Yes, PMT can be dealt with, usually with simple PM settings.

Thank you AgentX86

by Theowen - 2020-02-17 22:28:15

Hi AgentX86 and thank you for your feedback.

I did wonder about the reliability of FitBit info but, lacking a more medically orientated device, it's all I have to "guide" me. I have to say that none of "high" readings were the result of any form of exercise as, of yet, I haven't been exercising.

I'll get back to my regular exercise once issues with my PM have been sorted.

PMT is noticeable

by Pacedmyruns - 2020-02-18 03:59:49

Did you feel the PMT? Or you just Noticed it in your app?  You can definitely feel PMT. I wear fifbit and apple. Fitbit isn't as accurate. You also can exceed your max rate. So above he said 130bpm but some can exceed their max if your own heart can work on its own at high rates. 

Pacedmyruns, thank you for your feedback

by Theowen - 2020-02-18 04:06:31

Hi, I certainly felt the PMT last night. My heart was pounding like a tom-tom and I had a bad headache. That night was very noticeable. Other times I feel a bit wobbly in the legs and I usually know it's a PMT. However, I'm new to this game and I'm learning as I go.

Hope you get some answers at your interrogation

by Gemita - 2020-02-18 05:24:05

As I mentioned in a previous post I developed a fast, regular, frequently occurring tachycardia following my dual chamber pacemaker implant.  I was convinced it was pacemaker mediated since although I had a history of arrhythmias, this new fast rhythm was somehow different in nature and seemed to occur immediately following my implant. 

I usually check my pulse manually to feel speed and rhythm of arrhythmia, but like you, I can usually feel my tachycardia from my symptoms alone as my heart rate suddenly soars and I can also become quite breathless and weakened.  

It is important to remember that following pacemaker implant any medication that we are taking may need to be reviewed and perhaps dosage adjustments made  - at least for some of us. My personal experience has been that I no longer required one particular anti arrhythmic medication.  Indeed the combination of this particular medication (Flecainide) and the pacemaker for me personally proved proarrhythmic.  Since stopping Flecainide my tachycardia and other arrhythmias are now well controlled and no adjustment to my pacemaker settings was ever necessary.  Might be worth speaking to your doctors about other possible triggers for PMT if pacemaker adjustments fail to bring relief.


Exceeding pacemaker maximum

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-18 08:09:07

I can't exceed my pacemaker's maximum because it's in charge. Since I've had an AV node ablation, my natural pacemaker (sinus node) is completely out of the picture. Rate control is in complete control, yet my FitBit will give all sorts of impossible results. It's not as bad as the heart rate sensors on exercise equipment (no, I don't have a 220 heart rate).

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