Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound for bone healing

Hi, is low-intensity pulsed ultrasound for bone healing - (left clavicle, near the PM) okay if I have a pacmaker?


Thankyou all!


Should be completely fine

by crustyg - 2020-02-17 18:04:37

There isn't enough energy in ultrasound to affect a PM - and any local heating that it produces won't affect the box or leads either.

In fact, ultrasound is claimed to be completely innocuous at the energies used for diagnostics and physiotherapy in humans.

Although I do vaguely recall reading about a Norwegian study (from a very long time ago - 1970s) suggesting that pregnancies scanned with u/s had an increased incidence of left-handedness in the resulting babies...  Never dug the paper out, probably a statistical fluke.

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