Pacemaker lead not working and shortness of breath

Had the pacemaker put in over thanksgiving. Blood pressure became extremely high. Went to another cardiologist, they put me on Entresto and the surgeon who put the pacemaker realized the lead wasn't working and scheduled a surgery. Lead was recovered. Blood pressure returned to high levels, shortness of breath was more common and can't walk far and can't sleep because if the shortness of breath and weakness. Three weeks later they see the lead of a not working (never see the doctor) and that there is nothing to be done. Doctor wants to wait and see but never saw the doctor since the surgery. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone know any great pacemaker doctors in ny? Just don't feel right and don't know what to do 


Go to ER

by Gemita - 2020-02-15 02:55:28

Jakeatwood, I am in London, UK, so cannot advise you on a good cardiologist in the NY area but from your details shared I would strongly advise you to ask someone to take you to your nearest ER for some checks.  Feeling weak, not sleeping well, not walking far, not feeling right, shortness of breath, potentially still very high blood pressure, may need attention now.  A non functioning pacemaker lead I would suggest is also not something that any of us should have to tolerate.  I find all this hard to believe and I would not leave ER until you get some real answers.  Good luck

Not good

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-15 10:19:49

Leaving a new, nonfunctional lead, in place is nuts, IMO.  It will only get more imbedded over time and exponentially more difficult to replace. Not having seen a doctor after a known defective lead is found is unbelievable, though perhaps you don't want to see the same doctor.  A lead replacement should have been scheduled at the time the defective lead was found.  I don't know of a good EP in NYC but there have to be a couple of hundred EPs or interventional cardiologists capable of inserting a pacemaker properly.  Unfortunately it appears that you found the rotten apple in the barrel.

From NY area

by Pinkit94 - 2020-02-16 15:33:45

I am from NY area, if you are close to NYC I highly recommend NYU heart associates they are so good and attentive. I also know couple of good EPs on Long Island, NY. Let me know what part of NY are you looking at.

ER time

by Bionic Beat - 2020-02-17 13:51:28

I'd head to the ER if I were you and as others have said, stay there until they fix you up.

As for the doctor you do not see, perhaps a change of doctors is in order as well.


Best Wishes,


Bionic Beat

Thank you all

by Jakeatwood - 2020-04-21 05:17:19

So the doctor finally decided to change the pacemaker to one that has the defibrillator because they said my ejection fraction was still at 25/30 after I had my echo. Best thing ever - it's like night and day. Much more energy. Still low weight though. Thank you everyone for your comments - really appreciate it.

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