I just received my first Zio xt patch today. I'm 17 years old and I am tachycardic. Is there anything extra I need to know about my patch? Or any advice?


Zio Patch

by arentas80 - 2020-02-13 19:36:07


There isn't anything special to do for the Zio Patch. I've worn quite a few of them. Just be sure to press the button whenever you're having symptoms. Also be sure to write down what you were feeling when the event happened. I took notes in my phone, printed them out and put them in the box. When I got the results they actually matched all the events with my notes so they do read what you provide. Be careful if it starts to come loose. You can go back to your doctor and they can add a special adhesive to make it stick better. This way it will last the two weeks. Good luck! I hope you get good results



by Tracey_E - 2020-02-14 11:40:09

No advice whatsoever but welcome! Glad you found us. 

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