Daughter having pacemaker and just found out she pregnant

At the weekend I found out I was going to be a nan for the 5 & 6 times my son he's having his 2nd baby but when I found out my youngest daughter who 21 is also pregnant I just got up and walked out to the shops I know I was wrong but my daughter has a pacemaker since she was 2 as she has congenital heart block and need it to stay alive and in 2018 she had open heart surgery I'm so scared about her as I don't want a grandchild without my daughter please someone help as I should be happy for her but how can I with this fear hanging over me 


Think of your daughter.

by Graham M - 2020-02-12 15:26:32

Ann Louise, I know you are very concerned, as a good mother should be, but please give a thought to how your daughter is feeling. If you are concerned, then she must be terrified. At this time, she needs all the support you can give her.

I don't know anything about pacemakers and pregnancy, but I'm sure the medical staff looking after your daughter will give the best care possible.

I wish you all the best.



by Tracey_E - 2020-02-12 15:43:11

It's normal to be worried, but there are a few of us here who are paced for heart block and have had healthy pregnancies. She will want to have a three way conversation with her OB and EP. Most OB's don't see many (if any) paced patients and heart block was an afternoon in med school years ago, so she'll want to be sure everyone is up to speed. My EP told my OB to treat me like any other healthy mom to be. I exercised right up until I delivered, two uncomplicated deliveries, two healthy babies. My babies are 22 and 23 now, all 3 of us are healthy and active. 

I know you are worried but she's an adult now and you'll have to trust her to make the best decisions she can for herself and her baby. She needs your love and support. Be as happy for her as you are for your son. If you can't feel that way just yet, and that's totally to be expected so I'm not judging or criticizing, but fake it til you make it and don't let her see anything but a supportive face. 

Why did she have OHS? Heart block is electrical so sounds like something else is going on also? 

Last thought, CCHB is not genetic so it won't be passed on to a baby. The only genetic link they've found is moms with Lupus are more likely to have babies with CCHB. Other than that, it's usually random. 


by WazzA - 2020-02-13 15:03:09

Firstly you probably need to sit down & explain your fears to your daughter & perhaps apologise for walking out on her ! Of course we can understand how scared you are but your daughter needs to fulfil her own life, so look on the positives & enjoy buying things for the new baby. I'm sure her Doctors are  ready for any challenges too. Best wishes & many congratulations on the forth coming Grandchild. 


by Pacemum - 2020-02-13 16:27:16

Not sure of your location but here are in the UK we have some fantastic hospitals which have all services such as maternity services together with childrens and adults congenital heart surgery on the same hospital site.   These hospitals take excellent care of both mothers health and the health of the unborn child during birth.  

Your daughters doctors are probably already planning ahead for the pregnancy and birth of the baby.  She may have been planning to try and may have discussed this with her doctors beforehand.  Have you checked?.  The surgery in 2018  on her own heart could have been part of long term discussions with her doctors which would allow her to have children. 


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