10 weeks post implantation. All good until today    Got up this morning. Think a bit quick. Went a bit lightheaded. ? Thought is this anything to do with pm.  Or just literally getting up too quickly. Not on meds now.  Think still getting used to it. 

thank you for your support since joined  very helpful  


Getting up too quickly, possibly

by Gemita - 2020-02-12 07:49:43

Hello Brains, it has happened to me often enough and doctors generally recommend that we get up "slowly".  Dont forget we have been asleep (hopefully) for some hours and our blood pressure/heart rate needs to recover gently.  We may also be very dehydrated after several hours without fluids/food so this could be another reason for coming over a bit lightheaded.

Is your pacemaker set lower at night ?  It could be that it was still set at the lower rate when you got up too quickly this morning.  Since my heart rate has been set at 70 bpm day and night, I no longer suffer from lightheadness on getting up, except if an arrhythmia like atrial fibrillation, flutter or tachycardia is present. This can cause lightheadedness for me because during these arrhythmias my blood flow is most definitely adversely affected.

I suggest you keep a note of the time, date and of all your symptoms if you feel unsteady again and maybe ask your pacemaker clinic to do a few checks.  Alternatively if this continues you could ask for some monitoring to see whether you are getting an arrhythmia.  Good luck

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