Recently had pacemaker adjustment and since then I am now having headache and feeling sensation as if my head is swelling and then it wears of.    Anyone Ever had this experience and what was done to correct this problem.


Perhaps . . .

by Gemita - 2020-02-12 04:06:31

Bela it might be due to any changes in heart rate if this was adjusted ?  Do you happen to know what adjustments were made ?  I have found that any increase or decrease in my heart rate will cause an increase/decrease in blood flow/blood pressure and this can trigger headaches.  Hopefully it will only be a temporary problem and will settle with time.

It is difficult to really advise because there can be many causes for sudden headaches from eye problems, changes in blood pressure, medication and so on.  To be safe I would speak to your Pacemaker clinic and explain what has happened and that you feel perhaps that it may be due to your recent adjustments. I certainly wouldn't let this problem go on without getting advice.  

I hope for the very best


by Bela - 2020-02-12 21:28:03

Thank you Gemita, I noticed the problem with the recent changes.  The HR was changed from 60 to 55.  My BP is quite good.  I do not remember if the mode was change VVI/AV   I will ask.  

Appointment with the With pacemaker clinic   








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