Av node ablation

Hi my 1st post!

Have been struggling for 19 years with afib and flutter. Started while at gym doing weights. 

Had ablations and pacemaker with medication. 

Still was having daily afib episodes.

Last resort was av node ablation 2 weeks ago. This has been brilliant and the symptoms 90% better but more breathless.

Anyone had this done and was this common for you?





by AgentX86 - 2020-02-09 13:28:24

I had permanent Aflutter (caused by  a Maze procedure for Afib), which was only controlled by the most potent arrhythmics, which ended up causing SSS. I had three failed ablations in the meantime and when I needed a PM for SSS, it was an easy choice to go all the way for an AV/His ablation.

After the AV ablation, I felt great for a few months, then the feeling were off some and I had some fairly small adjustments to my PM. The pacemaker has done a great job bottling the Aflutter up.

I did have some problems with bigeminal PVCs as they were trying to cut my heart rate back down, so moved it back to 80bpm.

If you have trouble with breathlessness, you're going to have some tuning on your pacemaker. They'll take care of that during your normal PM interrogation.

Av node ablation

by Tony Toenail - 2020-02-09 15:04:04


I seem to still feel the afib. Flutter tring to kick off and still get tired after this but the symptoms are a lot less. 

Breathing gets fast still at even small amounts of exercise. Still happy with the results guess was expecting to much 

Feeling Afib

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-09 15:50:09

You shouldn't be feeling either Afib or flutter. Your atria are completely decoupled from your ventricles and that what we feel - the ventricles pumping blood to the body.

This brings up dyssynchrony. AV dyssynchrony could be why you're breathing hard. You lose 20% of your peak heart output because of AV dyssynchrony. If your heart was reasonably healthy before the AV ablation, that 20% should go unnoticed. If you had other problems (low LVEF comes to mind) this migh be more important.

Breathing getting fast suggests that your heart isn't pumping enough blood (this oxygen) to the body, which reacts by trying to bring in more. You SI node is no longer useful (it's in the right atrium), so you need the rate response setting of your pacemaker to match your exercise needs. This is different for each person and they'll have to dial it in for you. It could be that it's not even turned on. I've heard of dumber things.

Av node ablation

by Tony Toenail - 2020-02-15 12:40:32

Hi guys the breathless seems to be getting worse only helped if i am lying down. Getting about 100 yards of walking on flat before feeling breathless and having problems with any incline.

Book in on Wednesday with pacing clinc. 

Counter the rate yesterday weak and about 45 to 50 bpm whoch is odd as after av node pacemaker set at 80.

Amy one had this procedure and os this normal? 


by Tony Toenail - 2020-02-15 12:45:09

Sorry for the spelling on last post just knackered 


by Tony Toenail - 2020-02-15 12:45:11

Sorry for the spelling on last post just knackered 

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