Pacemaker Site irritation


So I am now on my third pacemaker, implanted on December 6th. My last one was done back in 2009. I do not remember having the pain I am having and or irritation. Its really hard to explain but it feels like the pacemaker it'self is rubbing up against the inside of me. Most days it hurts and or is very tender. But it's not to the touch just if I move a certain way or if I sleep weird. Sometimes I wake up with it bothering me. Does anyone else have this happening? I am hoping over time this will subside but it's really annoying. 


Pacemaker irritation

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-07 15:47:18

You've had three PMs so I'm probably not saying anything new to you but mine was very sensitive for about eight months then the pain seemed to go away overnight. At least I forgot about it long enough that it seemed that way.

Yes, mine felt like it was burning from the inside (but was also sensitive to the slightest touch). It felt like a sunburn.

Pacemaker discomfort

by Lexitoo - 2020-02-07 16:03:05

Mine is five weeks. It is fine except for sleep. I still cannot roll over comfortably or sleep on my side. And when I wake up I have stretched and felt like it flipped inside sort of a "kalunk". Not pain but like it actuall flipped a bit.  I know it is still working dine because I check my hr and it is always about 60, where it was set. And without it I was never at a resting rate og 60.  I cannot imagine running however, it feels too loose for that, though who knows?


by Tracey_E - 2020-02-07 20:05:16

It could be a build up of scar tissue. When I got my 4th, we had a plastic surgeon clean up the pocket.

It could be that it's moved. My 5th one shifted out of the pocket and bugs the heck out of me. Not enough to have it moved, but it's annoying. If this is what's going on, give it 6 months, up to a year to settle and fully heal before making any decisions.

Or it could be the start of an infection. This is to be watched carefully and taken very very seriously. Watch for fever, seeping, new swelling, red streaks. If you have any of those, ask for cultures. If there is the smallest chance it's infected, you have to treat it aggressively. 

Pm Irritation

by Cloud - 2020-02-08 10:57:17

mine still is irritating , pm surgery in Oct 12,2018. I, have another problem, my personality has changed . I’ll admit I’m vain & in not happy about the horrible scar I have to try to figure out ways to hide , especially in the summer months. It’s impossible! 

Same here

by Lady Lee - 2020-02-08 20:11:17

Been about 2 weeks with my 5th pacer and I'm not in pain but feel uncomfortable at times like the pacer is rubbing on something.  I sleep on my left side as I'm scared to sleep on right as it feels uncomfortable.  Also my stitches have not fallen of is anyone still with stitches?

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