Workout with a PM.

I an 71 and have worked out 5 days a week for many years. I am accustomed to heavy weights and worked out in this fashion up until the day before my PM was implanted. The PM has made me feel great and wanting to return to the gym. How many weeks do I need to take off and what should I avoid at the gym. And what is it that determines these restrictions? 

Thanks in advance for any advice or experience. 



Working out

by AgentX86 - 2020-02-06 16:38:22

There have been many discussions here about this and it'sdependenton the individualand the EP. Generally, figure a month to six weeks before going back to the gym. There is a slight possibility that you'll dislodge your PM leads and under no circumstances do you want to get sweat near your wound until it's fully healed.

Low level exercise is recommended as soon as you feel comfortable doing it. No reaching above your head or behind your back, no full arm extension, and no lifting more than 5 (or 10) pounds for that month.

Your EP or device tech should have given you individualized instructions.

Working out

by heckboy - 2020-02-07 11:35:21

I work out with weights and am a scuba diver and just had a lead extraction. My plan is to just walk for 10 weeks before before slowly getting back into my weight routine. I'll start by just going through the motions with light weight and build back up.

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