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Hi all, have a question maybe someone can help with. I'm 63 and was very physically active for many years, worked out a lot. Unfortunately last August I suffered a heart attack, but all is well now. I not only have a PM but two stents as well. In November I got the ok from cardiologist to start working out again, with some limitations. I'm now running and doing kettlebell Workouts again. My problem is this, if I'm running and have to go up hill I start to panic a little if my HR goes over 150 and I walk till flat ground. I don't feel any discomfort, pain or anything. Am I over reacting or should I be this carful? I also watch my HR closely when doing kettlebell workouts. Thanks


Fast rate

by Charli - 2020-02-05 17:11:41

It's good that you are aware of your heart rate. My question is do you use a Fitbit or something similar to monitor your rate or do you feel your pulse?

Knowing your pulse is always helpful, does it feel regular, is it strong/weak/bounding etc. Obviously running up hill is going to be harder work on your body than on the flat so an increase in rate is to be expected. If you aren't feeling dizzy or like you are pushing yourself too hard when your heart rate gets to 150bpm then you are probably ok. 

I would always let somebody know what route you are taking when going for a run, how long you expect to be and wear a medi alert just in case of problems. Having someone having access to tracking your mobile for location can be helpful too, or ensure to run in public places. If possible join a running club or get a running partner, that way if you run into trouble there's somebody there! 

I work in a cardiac ICU where we look after people following coronary bypass grafts and valve surgery and we always encourage exercise but to build it up steadily.  

Heart rate

by Kettlebell man - 2020-02-05 17:46:47

Thank you for your feedback, I wear an Apple Watch (3) got it a couple months ago, My HR feels good while working out, while doing kettlebell training I take longer breaks between sets now, that was a recommendation from my doctor and I think it's a good one. I really took my time getting to this point, wanted everything to heal up prior to starting up again. I also have an app on my phone that shows my location. Not feeling dizzy or anything, but after everything I went through last summer I don't like to take too many chances or go to crazy with anything. Just want to stay fit, but I know some of what I use to do in the past is not possible anymore. 

Panic? But you are feeling fine?

by Gotrhythm - 2020-02-06 14:17:06

You said:

"If I'm running and I have to go up hill, I start to panic if my heart rate goes to 150."

If the number is not some artifact of your equipment and your heartrate really is going to 150 when you are doing strenuous exercise--that isn't a bad thing!--particularly since it returns to normal when you are no longer doing something strenuous, and you feel no ill effects.

Get rid of the measuring device. Unless you understand how to interpret them, numbers mean nothing and as you have demostrated, can actualy make exercise scary.


Heart rate

by phadzip - 2020-02-06 19:27:03

My HR, according to my Apple Watch 3 can go all over the place. But I don't feel any untoward symptoms, so I keep going. I've been over 180, according to the watch, but it'll come back down to 130. Ease back into it and don't be a slave to numbers. Run by feel.

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