How soon can I exercise

I'm just wondering it is two weeks tomorrow that I've had my CRT-D implanted, I'm just wondering how soon I can start exercising lightly to start with?

thank you!!


24 hours for me

by Swangirl - 2020-02-03 14:49:44

I was allowed to take a 3 mile walk 24 hours after my pacemaker was implanted.  After one week I was allowed to go back to playing pickleball.  Working out in the gym came later because of the restriction on my left arm.  


by AgentX86 - 2020-02-04 08:10:57

The day after I came home. I did my normal walking (10mi) except for the gym. I couldn't go to the gym for four weeks, even treadmill.


by Tracey_E - 2020-02-04 09:30:59

I was walking the day I got home, but was told not to get sweaty for 4 weeks. It's not the pacemaker healing so much as infection risk. 

2 weeks

by ccamom - 2020-02-04 09:57:09

I started walking on the treadmill 2 weeks after I got my CRT-D, but took it slow at first.  I didn't do any resistance training until 6 weeks after. 

Six weeks for golf

by Lexitoo - 2020-02-05 14:14:29

My EP told me I can play golf after six weeks. I am at five weeks and counting. Will start slowly though as a right hander, big swing is with left arm.

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