mri of rt shoulder

Cannot belive the time it takes to get approved to have an MRI.  thought i could make the appointment after i saw the last orthro dr. in case i needed an MRI of the knee along with the shoulder. Went accross the street after the knee dr to the Radiology dept at the Public hosipital.  Of course no appointments made there, but i did have them make a copy of my pacemaker card.   I called for an appointment and they asked for the code of course the dr. did not put it on the work order.  They tried contacting that office.  she said could not get through i should call.  I did and left a message for them to fax that number to them.  I called the next day but they do not check their fax'es to later in the day.  Called this morning then they said it needs to go to something called " heart board".  Then they had to call the cardiologist to have him sign off and fax that to them.  I did ask about Medtronic and was told their office is in Tampa and get can there anytime or day.  Now Friday afternoon not sure if will hear from them today or next week.  Told the gal hopefully early in the week, as then i need to call Dr. for appointment  to get results of shoulder, did want that by next Friday Jan 31, as my sister was visiting and she can hear first hand ,who  can do the reverse shoulder replacement if needed. 




by AgentX86 - 2020-01-24 22:58:46

I had an MRI in November.  It took a month to get all the duck in a row before I could get an MRI.  The radiologists freaked at the possibility that they'd have to do an MRI on a pacemaker patient.  I was refused at the hospital where I had the problem (on vacation), claiming that they couldn't get ahold of my doctors.  I had the Medtronic card showing my PM and leads model and serial numbers but that meant absolutely nothing to them.  When I came home, the local hospital (where my neurologist has admitting priveliges) didn't really want any part of it either but finally was coerced into it.  Like you, I needed signoff from my cardiologist and the hospital where I had it implanted.  Like I said, they put me off for a month.

When the big day came, the radiology techs didn't bat an eyelash.  They knew exactly what to do and it was no muss, no fuss - in and out in less than a half hour.

You aren't alone.  It's a RPITA up until the day.  Amazing, really.


mri of rt shoulder

by new to pace.... - 2020-01-24 23:13:58

thanks. sorry you had to go through all that. thank goodness not in a rush for surgery  only rush is because my sister is visiting.

MRIs and insurance

by islandgirl - 2020-01-26 09:57:45

Since I am self employed, I have FL Blue Cross through, a very expensive PPO policy, without subsidy.  I had a kidney MRI a couple of years ago and the insurance approved it quickly with additional infomation from the urologist.  Now, my EP has requested a cardiac MRI and it has been denied twice over the long process over the last 6 months, even with my EP calling for an to appeal.  Starting in October my arrhythmias have increased drastically, with 3 new atrial arrhythmias.  I was shocked 4 times by my ICD in mid Dec for vtach (1) and vifib (3), with my EP saying my atrial arrhythmias should not have caused the ventricular arrhythmias.  I did have a sudden cardiac arrest 3 1/2 years ago for unknown reasons.  The dr's office called me Friday and said they just faxed over 100 pages to the insurance company, again requesting an MRI.  Once it's denied, they have to start the process over from the beginning.  I am scheduled for an ablation Feb 12 and they now put 'STAT' on the order.  The office sent me a tracking information link.  I am contemplating filing a complaint with the State insurance commisioner's office.  I have never had a cardiac MRI.  I am so frustrated with this process.  The office has shown me all of their requests, as I was also frustrated with the office. A friend of mine's husband recently was diagnosed with a heart block during a routine medical appt, probably caused by a mild heart attack (suspected with changes in his ECG).  He was referred to a cardiologist and had a cardiac MRI, with no delays for approval (he's on Medicare).  He received 2 stents and a pacemaker a couple of weeks after the MRI.    

mri of rt shoulder

by new to pace.... - 2020-01-26 10:29:27

Sorry you are going through all that  with your insurance company, yes you should file a complaint.  Will you be able to get medicare?  If so would suggest you get  it. 



by Pacer2019 - 2020-01-26 22:42:10

Have to be 65.   

i had an issue with my foot and an MRI was advised .... no one called to schedule as promised for like two weeks . I finally decided to not have it and do some PT first .

same thing with a colonoscopy ..... still thinking that through - what's the bigger risk ? A colon issue that I have no symptoms of or the test itself ? That my thought.


Finally got approval for my MRI - after about three weeks of waiting

by crustyg - 2020-01-29 18:21:43

Took my local major hospital's 'Implant Team' about three weeks to decide that my PM+leads is safe for their MRI, so it seems to be about par for the course.  I wonder how quickly they could have decided if a senior doc had said it was an emergency.

Of course, this being the UK, I'm now waiting for the actual scan - they told me that they are running at about a six-week waiting time for non-urgent MRI.  Much shorter for CT, but we don't expect to find anything surprising with that.

And it's going to be *such* fun when I'm due for my next check colonoscopy.  I can barely wait.  As they use a neat little gadget that generates tiny RF signals from the 'scope and an aerial/computer system to put it together and create a synthetic view of exactly where all the parts of the 'scope are located, I expect we'll have to have a discussion about whether that's safe too.  It was interesting watching the 'scope curl up into loops as the trainee endoscopist struggled to get through the narrow parts of my colon...

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