Scuba Diving

I'm a long time scuba diver and have been pacing for 16 years.  My surgeon says that I can go back to diving about 8 weeks after my lead extraction and replacement. Is that what you divers have done or did you give yourself a bit more time?


Seems reasonable

by crustyg - 2020-01-23 06:40:52

What did you do after your first implant?

Wound healing - really *complete* healing - is the thing, as you probably know.  Leads should be well bedded in by eight weeks.

Double-check that your new PM box is rated to the same depth as your old one.  But you're a 'pro' - you know all of this stuff!

Can't recall...

by heckboy - 2020-01-23 10:50:06

I think I took a break from diving after my 1st two PMs, so it wasn't really an issue. My third PM was just a straight replacement of the unit and used the old leads, so revovery wasn't so long.



That's the limit of my knowledge

by crustyg - 2020-01-23 12:08:39

For other reasons I used the excuse of my PM to stop SCUBA.  I enjoyed the live-aboard diving the Gulf of Aqaba Northern Wrecks and Reefs with adult daughter some years ago, but wouldn't commit more time to increasing my skills.  The time it was taking has been more than swallowed up by cycling up hills.

Your leads should be fine by 8 weeks, and the wound is the thing that really matters.

Best wishes.

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