Golfers.....When can I drive a golf ball?

I had a pacemaker installed 17 days ago. I am a 79 yr old female who plays golf 3 times aweek. I am healing well but am traditionally a slow, but thorough healer. My doctor says I can play in about six weeks from procedure, but that sounds scary to me.  I am not young, but have full turning swing and (for me ) solid impact and follow through.  ( love my EP but he is young, not fit, and does not play sports) Would love to hear from some golfers. Thanks.



by IAN MC - 2020-01-20 14:47:18

Hi Lexitoo     Ask 3 EPs and you will get 3 different answers.

My EP is a keen golfer himself and his written recommendation was :-

2 - 6 weeks ... practise your putting/chipping

6-8 weeks ....  try nine holes using a half-swing

8 weeks... you should be able to play a normal round with a full swing.

These recommendations worked well for me but for some reason my putting has deteriorated . I can only think that my putter must be faulty or the holes are getting smaller !!

Best of luck on the course


Thank you

by Lexitoo - 2020-01-20 17:29:04

your EP's advice sounds like a very good guide.  I will try that plan.  Cannot thank you enough.  BTW my husband is blaming his cataract surgery for his putting....😉

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