Pacemaker settings for swimming after 6 weeks off

  I also have questions about my Pacemaker settings prior to swimming again. I was told in my first follow-up appointment that my settings were 130 and 60 BPM. During the last 6 weeks I have been walking at a fast pace for 5 to 6 miles at a time and I do not feel winded at all. I quit ether because I run out of time, get bored, or my legs get sore. All I did for exercise  6 years prior to the Pacemaker implant was swim.

  Now that I am ready to start swimming again, probably later this week, I am wondering if a high setting of 130 BPM is appropriate for me. I understand that a Pacemaker only increases my heartbeat, so what will happen if I reach 130 BPM as I am swimming and the Pacemaker stops pacing?

  Additionally, I feel like I should have a lot of questions regarding the various settings that my Pacemaker has related to endurance exercising, does anyone have any insight into what I should ask, or request of my physicians? 



Pacemaker Settings

by WazzA - 2020-01-13 09:40:06

Hi Johnny63,

I too am looking to take up Swimming again & have been advised to go ahead but NOT to over exert as it is a very easy thing to get carried away when immersed in water due to wheight being taken off the body ! I have a St Jude Dual Chamber & have had my DDDR mode swithched to DDIR mode  ( there are others, it seems there's more to it than just upper & lower rates). EP's can set the pacemaker to inhibit certain beats when they occur & even delay when a pacemaker pulses. Your mode should be on your paperwork most likely DDDR. Here is a link that might help you understand more.

Stop the Multiple Posts Johnny

by Swangirl - 2020-01-13 13:24:53

It's very confusing for some of us when you post the same thing four times in the same or slightly different ways.  Try just one post and you may get more responses.  

Good plan

by Johnny63 - 2020-01-13 17:36:46

Yeah, I am new, so I was posting to the General forum and the exercise forum. Thanks for the advice. 

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