weak pulse with symptoms

I'm 48 yrs,  received my pacemaker in April 2019, I had bradycardia, tachycardia and a complete heart block. Before I could feel my heart beating all the time, I knew exactly what it was doing,  even when it was in an ectopic rhythm. Lately, I can not feel my heart at all, as if I don't have one, which is slightly odd for me. The problem is I get symptomatic low blood pressure 77/44, low oxygen 92%, this brings on fatigue and coughs. One time while attending the GP he thought I was in AF but the pacemaker was treating it. So my question is, since my pulse is either fine like strong clockwork or it is weak and symptomatic, is this a good thing or something to raise with my EP? 

Thanks for your feedback.



by Tracey_E - 2020-01-10 09:33:31

It sounds like the blood pressure is the problem, not your heart rate. How are they treating the tachycardia? Some of those meds also lower blood pressure. Have you been back to your cardiologist?

Something to raise with your EP

by Gotrhythm - 2020-01-10 15:56:47

Before I got a pacemaker, I thought everybody could feel their heart beating all the time. I thought it only counted as a problem if you could feel it pounding. [wry smile]

After the pacemaker when I could no longer feel it, it was odd. I remember thinking, "Oh! This is what calm feels like!" Who knew?

Your symptoms could be caused by your heart going out of rhythm even though you can't feel it happen. I suggest you discuss the issue with your EP. Let him sort out the medication/ rhythm issues.

In my experience GPs can offer very little help with rhythm issues. No blame. Rhythm issues can be very complex and nobody can know everything.


GPs and rhythm issues

by AgentX86 - 2020-01-11 12:48:37

I'd add to Gotrhythm's comments that many cardiologists have no idea what to do with rhythm problems, particularly the tough cases.  Anyone with rhythm problems should be seeing an EP.  It's often best to have a cardiologist and EP work together.  I find it's easy to get in to see my cardiologist if something's wrong but the EP is ofen booked for weeks, so I use my cardiologist for regular checks (every 3 months) and see my EP once a year.

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