transseptal ablation??

does anyone have any experience with this procedure?? i have been through alot, but i am jumpy about this one...thanks,mom123


Transseptal Ablation

by traeh - 2007-04-15 07:04:27

Hi Mom123

Ihave had this procedure. It involves making a small hole in the septum, which is the dividing wall between the left & right atria. Normally access for ablations in the left atrium eg to treat atrial fibrillation by pulmonary vein isolation (pvI) or left atrial catheter ablation (Maze procedure), is made via the right atriumthen through a small hole in the septum into the left atrium. This is a common procedure although somewhat more complex tan ablations in the right atrium. When the ablation catheter is withdrawn, the small hole will heal itself. I hope this helps, and the procedure will fix your arrhythmia.
Very best of luck


by BLUEMISTY - 2007-04-24 05:04:58

I contact U from Argentina, so excuse my grammar mistakes pls ..
I just want to tell U , i was living with scare about my Cardio - Syincopes.-
I had lot of them and long hours threw arrithmias.-
As an engenieer I am, i was really very restricted to do lot of things cos all this .-
I went threw the ablation , in November the 2nd 2006.- I stayed at hosp 24 hrs, then home .-
My expeience was similar to traeh, U r awake , just a bit sleepy , but 100 %% concious... the drs they made 2 cuts smalls in each groin.- then they pass the catheter , for the abation and the camera,- THEY go inside the FEMORAL VEIN- up to the heart - I am very happy i did it , now i have no more arrithmias , and feel so very good.- HOPE that it help u s it help me !!
best wished !!! CLAUDIA

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