walking update

Want to  thank all who had commented  my previous thread about walking.

Saw the acupuncturist  on Friday morning who did the "Jaffee-Melnor Technique"  to remove in my mind the words "this is too long a walk".  Friday afternoon looked down the block and it did not  seem long.  Then walked to the corner and back.  No problems.  Saturday did the same plus  to the next block and back, again no unsteady gait.  Today, Sunday walked the .3 miles  to the rehab, where i  thanked my friend  for inspiring to do something about this problem and back.  Without any problems. 

Of course i looked charming as the weather here in Fl. has had a dip in temperature just in the high 50's.   Had on windbreaker with sunvisor.  Did carry a cane just in case used it to flick a small branch off the sidewalk.

Now i have another question will be going to Wi. in the summer where there are hills.  Do i need to let someone adjust anything in case i decide i can walk uphill and back down.  As i have not been able to walk those before.  Mainly cause of the elevation which have not be able to do for nearly 40 years.





by Pacer2019 - 2020-01-05 18:37:05

Fantastic !!!! Good job and congrats!

maybe in preparing for WI gain access to a treadmill with an incline setting ? Walk and slowly increase it as you train .

inclines are tough for flat landers because they engage the quads which are big muscles that demand a large supply of blood when called on

can also look at doing some quad strengthening exercises .... squats ? Leg extensions ? Just a body weight squat to start in sets of maybe 10 - over time add a light kettlebell.

look on YouTube for proper form .... maybe even search "post squat " which is a way to use an aide like a post as you develop proper form. 

as we age quad strength is vital ....it equals independence when it comes to activities like standing without help. 

I will say as a flat lander training for inclines is tough !  I matter how much you do it's always a challenge outdoors ..... I have great cardio fitness and still feel it when I encounter an incline !!!

you have overcome a huge barrier ..... keep going !

walking update

by new to pace.... - 2020-01-05 20:36:45

thanks, unfortunately that will not work for me. I accidently squatted earlier this past year and  caused a stress fracture and torn mencuis in my right knee along with avascular necrosis in my right knee. Avasular necrosis in my right shoulder.  my sister gave me one of those table top bicycles, am going to try and see if can use it in the most loosely fashion.

Previouly when going on  hilly vactions, would find  stair at some building and use those once or twice up and down.  have not done that is a while.  Maybe a gym using  one leg on one of those bikes.

I have been walking around those big box stores first using a shopping cart while walking heel to toe to keep my balance up. than go back and shop.

  Even for the stress test do not use treadmill use the medicallly induced..  

WI hills

by AgentX86 - 2020-01-05 21:52:35

Is there any chance your cardiologist/EP can prescribe cardiac rehabilitation? They'll evaluate you before you start, decide what you're capable of doing, and closely monitor you while you're exercising. They'll have you wear a heart monitor and theyll take your BP periodically as you work out.  It's very safe and they can give you a lot of pointers.  It was the best thing my cardiologist could have done for me, three months after my bypass surgery.  It gave me the confidence to push myself (though we'd walk the big box stores every day shortly after I got out of the hospital.  My wife and I joined a gym right after and I haven't looked back (I regularly walk 15-20mi/day seven days per week, now),  They really are experts at building stamina and confidence in the safest possible atmosphere. Highly recommended and it sounds perfect for you (not the 15-20mi ;-). 


Got it

by Pacer2019 - 2020-01-05 22:06:38

i guess incline walking may be off the list then if the body lacks the functionality to condition for it.  Agentx86 makes a good suggestion concerning monitored exercise.


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