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Hi Jerry,

I too am 80 and I think you may have suffered the same poverty of information I have in the past.  Your letter is dated and I hope what I tell you is is out of date but if not I suggest to you that your 130 top and what I 'guess' is your 60 bottom are 'primary settings' awaiting optimisation.  Cardiologists don't always mention it but you need 'optimisation', hopefully to something higher and something lower.  My top pulse is 160 bpm topand 50 bottom.  There are people in cardiology departments who believe that 130 and 60 is high enough and low enough for anyone of any age.  They are usually fat.  Prior to implanataion of my CRT-D my top rate was 180 bpm and I frequently got readings in the 170s at the velodrome.  I suspect that my current 160 bpm max is because of settings  on the defibrillator which I shall be having a word with my cardiologist about in the near future.

If you haven't sorted it out yet do so immediately.

Best of luck Jerry and don't give up the running though cycling is better on the joints.



by Pacedmyruns - 2020-01-07 05:25:23

My limits are 50-185. Use to be 45-185. Started at 40-150 but I'm 48. Top limit is important. If you pace in the bottom with exercise, they don't like it pacing so high. You have to have certain criteria to get it raised that high. ;). Second with an ICD it's lower because you don't want a shock while exercising. 

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