I am four weeks post implementation now have severe ear wax to the point of hearing loss. If otc olive oil doesn't work will need micro suction. Has anyone had this?  Concerned re interference but in pain both from this and still suffering with pm site. Thank you to all 


Ear Wax?

by Joe Newbie - 2020-01-03 05:37:17

So you got your PM put in 4 weeks ago and you got severe ear wax?

Well yeah, I'm about 9 weeks since mine was put in and IT STILL HURTS (a little).

Seat belts S-U-C-K because the strap lays right across it. I am outside in the cold and forget to zip my coat all the way and the PM gets cold. Mine is half-buried and a half you can see just the edge of it. When I sleep at night it moves.

Okay okay I got lost........explain ear wax more......are the 2 related.

Anyway HI :)

No need to worry

by crustyg - 2020-01-03 12:15:37

Just get the suction under direct vision at your earliest convenience.  It's no fun with massive hearing loss due to obstruction and the wax might be hiding something more serious.

No need to worry about your PM.  The vestibular reflex triggered from the cold air rushing into your ear canal won't affect your PM.

Ear wax

by AgentX86 - 2020-01-03 14:21:45

Sure, I've had ear wax buildup.  I had it several times when I was  child and late teens, early 20s.  Then I had it again about six months ago.  I just used the OTC kit, which took a couple of days but then it all came out in one slug (gross!).  I feel your pain, though I can't imagine any connection between a PM and ear wax.

Ear Wax

by Selwyn - 2020-01-04 13:52:35

Spent a working life removing ear wax.

Try the drops first from the pharmacy ( or if you cook, olive oil), last thing at night, head to one side, and a bit of a cotton wool plug. ( otherwise your pillow gets stained!). Use the tragus ( the bobble of skin just in the front of the ear canal) to massage this in using your finger.

We normally syringe out the wax ( if there are no contraindications) if the drops fail after a week of use. Also there is a wash out machine.

A Jobson Horne probe is useful, in skilled hands, if 'stuck' ( direct vision is needed)

Microsuction under direct vision would be a last resort the UK as most GPs do not have the equipment. The equipment is safe with your PM.

See https://patient.info/ears-nose-throat-mouth/hearing-problems/earwax


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