(Un)fortunately, I'm a new member to the club...both Pacemaker Club (fortunate) and device owner (unfortunate in a way).  I recently had a Biotronik pacemaker/ICD implanted and NOW have relatively minor heart pacing and blood pressure issues I've never experienced. Hopefully, these will be corrected and it's not a device issue or my heart not accepting the device. 

As a former long-distance cyclist, I've always monitored my heart rate.  Most of these monitors are rather basic but functional.  Chest monitors seem to be the most accurate.  I need a monitor to limit exertion during exercise (doctor orders) and log some of these uncharacteristic events.

Three questions regarding monitors:

1.  Does anyone have experience with a reliable monitor that is safe with pacemaker/ICD? 

2.  I just learned of a more advanced monitor by QardioCore (which is not available in the USA pending FDA approval).  Qardio markets this as Wireless ECG monitor and cardio tracker.  

3.  Any thoughts on the new Kardia Mobile 6L which supposedly provides a 6-lead EKG







by AgentX86 - 2020-01-03 00:02:56

1&2:  Don't worry about it.  Modern pacemakers work with WiFi or Bluetooth.  No problems at all.  If you're paranoid, keep the business end (transmitter/antenna) on the right side of your body. It's not a good idea to put any of that stuff directly over your PM but you can probably get away with it.  Pacemakers are pretty robust these days.

3: Kardio Mobile 6L: It's an excellent product and more than worth the money.  I had the original KM but gave it to my son recently when he was diagnosed with AF.  I didn't really need it anymore because nothing changes and the original can't see flutter anyway.  KMs do have an issue with pacemakers but you can learn to read the EKG strips yourself with minimal effort.  You can also email them to your EP if you're having trouble.  The 6L may even be better than what the PM itself can do.  Highly recomended.

Keen cyclist here - using Garmin chest strap

by crustyg - 2020-01-03 09:39:12

I've been using a new Garmin chest strap (ANT+) with my Edge ever since my PM - works nicely, completely safe with my PM (2.45GHz IIRC) even though my PM has a wireless TX/RX capability (about 450MHz IIRC).

I can watch my HR to avoid pushing too hard and provoking an arrhythmia, and to let me know when I can push on the pedals (not great if HR<100bpm for me).

We checked my Garmin chest strap with the Zoom interrogator during my static bike tuning sessions, beat-for-beat identical (it would be, it's a good Lead I strap).

I wouldn't want to look at my ECG during exercise - I get unimportant ST-depression - so it would just worry me.  No chest pain, no history of ischamic heart disease, just slightly damaged myocardium.  HR and AFib/Flutter are what I care about and Lead I does that nicely.

I *do* usually carry a pocket single-lead ECG device with me though....  Just don't often use it.

Cyclist with new PM

by minusnothing - 2020-01-07 16:25:28


I was using the Garmin Chest strap for years beofre the PM, but that seemed to cease functioning on rides over 2 hrs (don't know why, I suspect my dodgy electricals) so I bought the Wahoo Tickr Arm band LED device.

Just had a PM fitted a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't cycled yet but I've been using it on walks and it seems accurate..

I also have a Garmin Vivosport Watch that uses LEDs but the BPM reading doesn't tally up with the Wahoo Tickr. e.g. I walked today and the watch gave max of 100bpm, and the Arm Band gave max of 140bpm!


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