Replacement Pacemaker after 3 months

Has anyone had to have a replacement Pacemaker put in after only three months?  

I had mine out put in late Oct - Dual Chamber- I went and saw the doctor today and my EF rate is at 35% and now they are recommending I get a biventricular pacemaker put in.  

Pretty big bummer as I am getting back to doing everything normal.  Also a nurse mentioned during my first surgery back in Oct, right before the procedure I should consider getting a biventricular pacemaker.  The surgeon / EP doctor said he consulted several other doctors and the thought it was not needed so I only got the dual chamber. 

Wondering what the recovery time is like for surgeries so close to together both under the PEC muscule


New CRT pacemaker after dual lead

by AgentX86 - 2020-01-03 00:22:02

I can only guess that your LVEF was greater than 35% when your pacemaker was implanted.  35% is the cutoff for CRT pacing.  Often insurance companies won't pay for a CRT unless it's under 35% (unless, apparently, you're paced VVI).  It may be that your doctor and colleagues thought it better not to add the third wire, which takes up space in the veins, possibly causing problems later. 

It must be a bummer to have to go through this again, in such a short time.  I have no idea how recovery goes after a sub-pec implant but I imagine that this surgery will be about the same as the last.

3 months

by RedRocksGirl - 2020-01-05 15:41:57

I didn't have a replacement after three months, but my ICD moved and they had to go in, retrieve it and make a new pocket and put in extra sutures to make sure it stays this time. First one was January 17, pocket revision was April 12, both under the muscle, so three months apart.

The recovery was about the same the second time around, maybe a tiny bit easier because they didnt have to do anything with my leads. I'd been told that sub pec revocery is more painful a little longer than under the skin due to the muscle trauma of making incisions there, but haven't experienced under the skin to make a personal comparison. Having your first one sub pec I feel you pretty much know what to expect, I dont think it will be "worse" than the first time. 

Such a bummer they didn't get it right with you the first time. Even though they may act like its no big deal, we all know its stressful! Best of luck to you and wishing you a quick and successful recovery!

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