Pacemaker repositioning

Hi everyone I went to hospital recently after being called in as I've been in pain with my pacemaker since having it implanted in April this year  they did an x ray a while ago and have finally confirmed what I thought that my pacemaker moved out of position I've now been told that they might either reposition it or take it out and place it under a muscle has anyone else been in this situation and if it's placed under a muscle were about on my body will it go I'm worried but I know I shouldn't be I'm hoping someone on here might know thanks from Steve in England .



by ROBO Pop - 2019-12-28 10:30:20

Fire the Electrophysiologist who installed your device. There is a hole designed into the PMs specifically for suturing your device in place. Mind you it can move slightly to prevent tearing of skin and muscle, but not "reposition". If you find you are sitting on your device your EP skipped a critical step.


mine moved too

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-12-29 16:38:51

I had my first one put in January 2019 and at some point in the month or so afterI felt as if was moving around. Finally the pain, which was intermittent, depending on where it had "migrated" to for the moment, was so bad that I went back to the EP, he took a look and said that it was not where he had placed it. It had been up on my chest, sub pectoral and that day was all the way down level with the bottom of my breast. An x-ray was taken and compared to one they took the morning post implanting it and confimred it was nowhere near where it had originally been placed.

I walk with forarm crutches and we believe that the contractions of the pec muscles everytime I was taking a step evenutally squeezed it up out of the pocket and broke the suture. I went in for a pocket revision in April and he used 3 sutures this time and I sayed off the crutches for about 5 weeks. It seems to have settled and scarred in this time - thank goodness.

Both times were under the pec muscle. (I have a picture posted if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of my bio on my page. Lots of people have them under the muscle, not a big deal, you just will be more sore initially from the incision into the muscle.

Thank you

by Stephen 1957 - 2019-12-30 03:24:24

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