severe pain at implant site

Had my implant put in 2 days ago for bradycardia and i have afib as well. new pm seems to be working well along with blood thinners. i know it has been only 2 days, but i have severe pain at implant site. man the pain really kicks in after sitting or laying down for a while. then when i start to move around pain level reaches a 10 .....more of a burning sinsation, then pain slowly goes away after being up and moving around. hoping this will go away as i heal. there is no signs of infection or any discharge at site. anyone else experience this situation?

feeling the pain


first few days

by dwelch - 2019-12-26 04:40:54

There can be/is a fair amount of pain the first few days, depending on the person and what you are doing.  Is it normal what you are feeling, could be a yes, could be a no.  If it gets better when you move around or change position could indicate that it is okay, but if concerned dont hesitate to call/see your doc.  I would aim for the doc not the E.R as the E.R. doc might have their own opinions and jack with your pacer that you then have to get put back by your regular doc.  If it were infected, etc. then sure the E.R. is the place to go.

First night for me, no sleep lots of pain, sitting for a bit, laying down for a bit, repeat.  Second night maybe an hour at best at a time before having to sit up, can only at best sleep on the non-pacer side.  I dont take anything for the pain though, tend to just ride it out, let the pain guide my recovery.   Cant sleep on that side for a week.  The details start to get fuzzy as the recovery is really just a very small part of the process, you get to where you forget this thing is there and forget the details of that first few weeks of recovery.  by day three though some of us are ready to drive again and consider going back to work, but maybe cant use both hands to wash our hair and the incision is definitely not healed yet.  

Each part of daily life has a different recovery period, sleeping, sleeping on that side, using that arm for this activity, for that activity, the incision being healed and the steri strips coming off (you will likely end up just pulling them off before they fall off on their own)

The transition from resting where the site is static to getting up and moving around where the skin is being pulled this way and that as you move, I expect there to be a big transition in the pain level, so expect that to be normal.  But see how it goes over the next day or two, if it doesnt seem to be getting better to where the pain is not as bad in the afternoon as it was in the morning or today than it was yesterday then think about caling the doc and see what they say.  Maybe its how you are getting up from rest that puts a strain on the site, what activities you are doing as you get up from rest, etc. 

Pain eases

by thegingergeneral - 2019-12-26 08:34:28

Hi, I'm 2 weeks in from ICD implant & needed additional pain relief when I got home the next day so had codeine for another week aprox. Sleeping was an issue & was up & down all night mostly ending up in an armchair trying not to disturb the rest of the family.  I can only relate to you that I now haven't had any painkillers at all for 3-4 days & if a little uncomfortable it is not painful.  I still get very tired very quick & I am pretty fit overall.  Hope this helps knowing it does get better & the light at the end of the tunnel is on. Good luck & Merry Christmas 

Post Pacemaker Pain

by Marybird - 2019-12-26 21:43:05

The pain I felt just after my pacemaker was put in I could describe as a giant ache sort of like a toothache from below the pacer site extending up the left shoulder, neck and left jaw. The area around the incision would get sore too. 

Fortunately I found the Extra Strength Tylenol did a great job at relieving the pain. At  night I took two Tylenol PMs which allowed me to get a good night's sleep, even though I could only get comfortable sleeping on my back at this point. If I recall right the pain was worse right after the surgery and improved to where I didn't need the tylenol in about two weeks. And I'm comfortable in any sleeping position at this point, about 6.5 months out. 

It's only been two days.

by AgentX86 - 2019-12-26 23:06:47

I can't talk much because I had very little pain (at most a 2 or 3), at least after surgery.  I had quite a bit of pain when they made the pocket (they used only local anesthetics , otherwise I was fully lucid).  The first night they gave me pain killers in the hospital, then sent me home with a prescription for vicodin (acetaminophen + hydocodone).  I didn't take any of them because the only pain was rather like a mildish sunburn.

That said, pain isn't unexpected.  You've been hacked open and a foreign object crammed inside. This can be a very sensitive area of the body and there are a lot of nerves going through this area.  It's pretty easy to make a mess of it all, resulting in a lot more pain than the next patient.  The good news is that it doesn't last long.  It all gets better from here.


by AnnP - 2019-12-28 22:21:09

Thanks for the above comments. I had a PM inserted under local on 23 Dec this year. 
Pain was bad during the surgery, and got much worse when I got back to the ward. 
I guess I wasn't prepared for the degree of pain. 
it's now day 6 and while the nasty pain has eased, it's still really sore. Pain compounded no doubt by my need to use a 4wheel walker (badly damaged right leg) and thus apply pressure on my arms/upper body to take a step. 
I took the dressing off yesterday and applied one of my own. Now it's not quite as itchy. 
If I sit with a make-shift sling around my neck and left wrist it's not too bad when sitting .

Mostly it's still sore all the time and if I cup my hand over 'the thing' it feels like I've got a cricket ball implanted just below my collar bone. 
Speaking with friends who have had friends with PMs they have all said 'oh ----- had no problems with his, says wouldn't know it was there'!!!!

So, that's why I was so happy to read some of your comments




by AnnP - 2020-01-02 01:05:07

I actually thought someone might comment on my post. 
silly me


by AnnP - 2020-01-02 13:28:02

The front and side of my left breast is all bruised, so is part of my left arm. Not to mention ++ swelling and bruising around the small brick sized implant. 
It's now day 11. It's now just tender. 

pain almost gone

by bob h - 2020-01-02 15:21:05

I to have some bruising My doctor said that is to be expected, is starting to fade away as well. I am on blood thinners so healing is a little slower. As far as the pain, it went away after a few days. It was kind of tuff 1st couple of days, procedure was done as outpatient and No they did not give me anything for pain....I complained alot to my wife. I'm sure she appreciated that.


by AnnP - 2020-01-03 06:07:23

Thanks for your comment Bob. I'm now day 11, yes, my pain has gone too, remains tender. 
much sympathy from family, friends and their husbands and I'm no longer shocked at all the bruising. 
my latest phenomenon is an itch!

i keep needing to gently pass my fingers over the area  

the PM protrude a lot, it feels as if it's a rectangle about 2inches x 1.5  not sure. How thick. 

Anyway, despite all my 'chest altering observations' today I actually felt a little better. 
My family and friends have been so lovely (and patient). But I Know they'll be relieved for me. 

Ive noticed that when my pulse drops down suddenly to 30-40, I feel a couple of biggish palpitations, then it goes back to 'normal'. 
Previously it could go on for hours with me feeling like death.

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