what are you paying for Eliquis

I just started on Eliquis, the first 60 pills are free, then at the first of the year i have to pay around 280, then the cost per month drops to 49.00 until around Sept. where is goes up a little.  I understand that there will be a Generic coming soon.





$$$$ Eliquis?

by Gotrhythm - 2019-12-24 22:01:24

This subject was covered at lenght in Mrag's post below.

Read all the comments. If you have further questions, please post again.

Eliquis expenses

by Theknotguy - 2019-12-25 11:18:34

The recent price increases on Eliquis have to do with the PBM (Prescription Benefit Manager) companies.  Here in Ohio, due to legislation by the State, they lowered the price on some medications and raised the price on others.  Eliquis being one of the drugs for which they raised prices.  Consequently when I went into the "donut hole" - the time when your medical prescription coverage stops - my cost went up to $7.50 per pill.  You almost have a heart attack when the pharmacy says, "That will be $1400.00 for your month's coverage please."  Needless to say it's a real shock.  

Eliquis was offering help but you had to jump through a lot of hoops.  They were offering a one time, one month free prescription refill.  And if you submitted paperwork you were supposed to be able to get your prescription for 1/2 off.  But, like I said, there was a lot of paperwork involved.  

Supposedly the laws have changed yet again and we won't have the "donut hole" problem in 2020.  I'm not sure of the details yet but we are not supposed to get that kind of price gouging in 2020.  

Prescription coverage in the United States is a mess and I wish congress would quit bickering among themselves and help people who need it.  

Hope this answers questions for you.  


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