Biotronik CLS pain

I had a biotronik CLS pacemaker placed 6 days ago for orthostatic hypotension.  I have been having severe back pain and shocks.  They are worse than labor pains.  I ended up in th Er the day after being discharged from hospital.  All tests were normal.  Chest xray, labs Ekg.  The device rep interrogated my pacer. They released me to home.  The Dr that placed it thinks its not the pacer but nerve pain for the shocks and the back pain for being on surgical table for so long.  I am on neurontin celebrex tylenol and tramadol.  These episodes last from a minute to over an hour.  The shorter the time the more intense the pain and shock.  Heat helps back pain but nothing helps the shocks.  Anyone else have this problem or any solution.  Yesterday was a good day I felt back to myself the had a really bad episode right before bed.


Back pain

by IPGENG12 - 2019-12-26 18:41:50


I experienced extreme back pain after an ablation procedure that sounds a lot like what you are describing- this was due to the position of my body on the operating table, which threw my back out in a bad way.   They had to give me morphine to deal with that pain.  I ended up going to a chiropractor to get adjusted as soon as the wound from the ablation  had healed.  I'm not sure what you mean by "shocks"- are these in your lower back or upper back?

It's extremely unlikely that your pacemaker has anything to do with your back pain.  I also have a Biotronik CLS pacemaker and have had no issues whatsoever.  

Best of luck getting your back issues resolved!


by Sharlyn - 2020-01-03 18:40:25

I ended up with a whole in my heart and lung and 2 surgeries.  Wire had punctured my epicardium and lung.  Had a chest tube put in.  Just because someone had no complications does not mean you dont have a complication.  It took 2 er visits 3 cat scans and multiple tests to find what was wrong with me.  My shocks were on left side under shoulder blade

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