Good morning my pacemaker friends, I have been having a lot of pain around my pacemaker site. My pacemaker was implanted 2yrs ago, wondering is this normal? I have been having a very rough time I was diagnosed with Addison a year ago this has been one of the roughist battles I have ever faced. Wondering has any of you been diagnosed with Addison's? God bless! thanks in advance. 



by Gemita - 2019-12-22 12:22:40

Dear Lilly,

After pacemaker implant, I did have some discomfort for about three months around the implant site, but without any significant swelling or inflammation.  I can remember when I stretched to dress or reach up, I felt a bit of an uncomfortable "pull" in the area.  

Pain after implant two years ago is not though, in my opinion, normal.  Is the area in any way inflammed or swollen ?  There is always a risk of infection and that is what would concern me, especially with your auto immune disease. Do you feel better with your pacemaker and have you had a recent check up ?

I imagine you are on steroid medication or other medication to control your disease.  Your medication may also suppress your immune system which could lead to an increased susceptibility to infection.  It is therefore important that early detection of any potential problem with your pacemaker is dealt with quickly, since you sound as though you have more than enough to deal with at the moment.  I would speak to your doctors as soon as possible about your pain so that anything serious can be ruled out.  

Auto immune disease (although not Addison Disease) is in my family too and I know only too well how difficult it can be to manage and to live with.  I hope for the very best for you Lilly

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