Fitbit Inspire HR

After haveing a Alta HR for over two years, I have been bought an Inspire HR, I am concerned about the fact that the charger conects magnetically. Has anyone had any problems with the Inspire and a pacemaker.


No worries

by AgentX86 - 2019-12-20 12:26:46

I use Qi chargers all the time.  I have two on my nightstand and I have others scattered around the house and on my desk at work.  There is no problem with them.  They don't turn on unless the target device is right on top of the charger (so they don't heat foreign ojects - fire hazard).  Once the target device is close enough, the magnetic fields are all but contained in the gap between the device and charger (they'd be very inefficient otherwise). I wouldn't suggest sleeping on one, however.

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