Pacemaker settings

Hi I really appreciate all the information I've got from this group 

I've got left bundle branch block and right bundle block branch  I just had dual chamber  Biotronik pacemaker fitted..They have Set it so my heart does not drop below 60 just want to know what happens if my heart misfires at 100 ?  Or higher when I'm training.

And how long must I keep the arm sling on to prevent me from lifting my arm 




by AgentX86 - 2019-12-11 23:56:06

Why would your heart "misfire"? It sounds like your SI node is OK but the signal to the ventricles is getting lost.  Your pacemaker is just replacing the right branch bundle so it provides the signal based on what the SI node does.  They will have an upper limit on the heart rate to try to stop Vtach before it starts.  A healthy AV node has a similar limit. Basically, when that limit is reached, you hit a wall and can't go further.  Sometimes it's not so pleasant, though.  PMs will never replace a healthy heart.  They can prolong life and make it much more pleasant, however.


by NOFEAR-ZN - 2019-12-12 00:14:39

Sorry I'm still learning.

Before  I had my pacemaker i was getting dizzy almost passing out.

The dizzy spells went away. After awhile .

But when I went for long walks and when pushed myself it almost felt like my heart would freeze not sure how to explain the feeling.

I'm also recovering from back surgery 7weeks ago thats how they picked up problems with my heart. Before my Back operation I was training 5 times a week.

They did Mri of the heart and CT Scans and angiogram,. heart is health no blockages.




Dizzy spells

by AgentX86 - 2019-12-12 08:52:35

"Dizzy" is used so much to describe so many symptoms that it's lost it's meaning. What you were probably experiencing were pauses or perhaps asystoles (the results are the same), where your heart stops pumping intermittently. Hopefully it restarts on its own (or you're another SCA statistic). Your pacemaker doesn't allow this interruption.

Was your "heart freeze" before or after your PM?

Oh, and ditch the sling. You'll end up with frozen shoulder.  You do NOT want that. Search this group for horror stories.

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