Leads draped in front of pacemaker

Well I had posted before my procedure in October 2019. Had it done but taking more time to recover than first implant. This time my cardiologist (NOT the doctor who had implanted my pacemaker previous to this one) found that the pacemaker implanted before had the leads draped over the front not in the back. Surgery took longer than expected as he had to remove tissue between the leads to remove the pacemaker. Anyone hear of this?

This pacemaker lays much better than the other. Had surgery on October 28 2019.

Problem is I seem to be recovering more slowly. I wear out much sooner. On my 5th week..give or take a few days. Cleaned corrals today..wheel barreled and short hike. Came home..exhausted. Kind of discouraged.



Same exact make/model and settings?

by crustyg - 2019-12-13 11:47:41

Sounds as though your settings - or the end-result of your settings in your new PM - aren't delivering the same pacing effect that you had before.

Are you expecting a post-PM implantation follow-up/tuning appointment?  If not, I would get one arranged as you shouldn't be feeling worse now, unless something else has happened.

I can imagine that the local pain/discomfort from the pocket site is no fun - a chum of mine said that his first box replacement was a nightmare, as there was a *lot* of scar tissue to dissect past to even get the old box out for him.

leads draped in front of pacemaker

by Echosmom - 2019-12-13 14:52:52

Thank you for your response..really appreciated. I will see about that tune up. No, this time because I have a monitor that is read daily I failed to give it thought.

Yes, cardiologist said he had to implant it very deep. Seriously, thank you for sharing about your friend having the same issue. Yes, not very pleasant.

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