Pacemaker neck discomfort.

It's been 4 weeks and a day since my pm surgery. Im moving around a bit more and have a green light for normal activity on Thurs. Ive had a slightly stiff neck on pm side going from collarbone to just under the jawline near the lymph nodes. Not really pain but just a slight discomfort. I left a message for my ep and waiting for call back tomorrow. I have to admit I really babied my arm during the last 4 weeks. Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Thanks!


It takes time

by Pacemaker_Sally - 2019-12-10 21:55:19

4 weeks is still early. Any gentle movements that don't hurt should help with tense muscles, still stiff from pain response. With your arms by your side you can try Lifting your shoulders "to your ears", rotating the arm sockets, gentle side stretches, etc. 

Me too

by Kimmiee2 - 2019-12-11 09:45:25

i am 6 months post pm and I have started having a stiff neck on that side . It started about a month ago and then had symptoms of vertigo dizziness at times 

I am sure this will pass like everything else 😃

Get that shoulder moving again

by Gotrhythm - 2019-12-11 15:16:48

Joints are designed to be moved and their health depends on being moved. The older you get, the sooner things stiffen up. You need to get your shoulder moving again through the whole range of motion. 

Do not expect help from your cardiologist. Cardiologists do hearts. They don't do necks. He will only tell you getting a pacemaker didn't cause it, and your pacemaker is working fine. All true.

I'm not saying your pain has been caused by restricting arm movement. There are lots of causes of neck pain, starting with having slept "funny." 

Just saying if you see a connection between neck discomfort and the fact that you "babied" the arm, it's time to get started with gentle strecthing range of motion exercises--or in a few months you could wind up with frozen shoulder. (see the post below entitled "Frozen shoulder 6 months after CRT-D implant.)

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