numbness in arms and fingers post workout

Hi all,

I am 34 year old female.

I have had my ICD implant about 2 years back and was overweight at that time. I had dilated cardiomyopathy for about 5 years now and I am on medications. Post-op, I started exercising and started loosing weight. I am now at a good weight and still exercising every day.
But recently I noticed that my arms and fingers are getting very very numb post workout. The numbness does not go away unless I have a hot water shower. And numbness is there on both cold and hot days. I don't really know what is causing this numbness. During colder nights my fingers and toes go extremely pale and I feel as if they are made of ice blocks. It feels as if something is causing to cut off blood supply briefly at few times of the day.

Any experiences or suggestions are much appreciated. I am going to visit my cardiologist in a couple of months time but until then...your help is really important.

Have a great day guys and girls...



by Pacer2019 - 2019-12-02 00:47:19

what kind of works outs do you engage in ? How long ? 

More information, please

by crustyg - 2019-12-02 05:04:07

Any tingling or pins and needles?  Both arms?  Do your fingers go white and cold?

How far up the arm is the numbness?  Is it so numb that you can't feel the gentle prick of a needle?  All the way around the arm?

I think you need to see a primary care physician, and fairly soon.

Best wishes.


by Gemita - 2019-12-02 07:05:48

Dear Indira,

It is very difficult to give an opinion when there could be several things going on and I agree that you need to see your primary care doctor and make sure that any test results are sent to your cardiologist for follow up if required.

I can get very similar symptoms from two conditions:  Raynauds Syndrome (an autoimmune condition) which causes sudden icy coldness/whiteness of my fingers and toes and also from  cervical/spinal nerve problems which are causing all manner of sensations, ranging from numbness, sharp sudden pain, sudden coldness and/or burning pain, to pins and needles down my arms and legs.  

Your problems sound vascular/circulatory/neuropathic in nature, although I am not a doctor.  There are so many possibilities Indira, some of which could be quite serious and it is important that you seek early medical advice.  When you see your doctor I am sure he/she will check for many conditions.  Hopefully they will also review all your meds to make sure you are on the appropriate treatment and dosage.  I really hope for the very best for you.  In the meantime, I would not push too hard with exercise, even if you feel well.  Instead I would take only daily gentle exercise like walking until you have seen your doctor.

A few more questions:  are you diabetic and is this under control ?  Do you have thyroid problems ?  Have you noticed any skin colour changes (like deep purple areas) or any pain/cramping?




by AgentX86 - 2019-12-02 08:12:39

Another possibility is Peripheral Artery Disease. You're kinda young but I'd say that about your cardiomyopathy too. In any case, see your doctor. You'll probably need to see a specialist also but your PCP can direct you to the right one.

Incidentally,  I too have vary cold hands. My feet used to be like icebergs but walking, a lot, seems to have helped, so mine is likely PAD (have had a CABG) but none of my doctors have said anything. I'm twice your age, though.

Thanks for all the replies till now

by indira - 2019-12-03 01:04:39


I walk 10Kms every day and takes me about 1hour 20mins. Some days I walk 8kms and 20mins of low intensity interval training (no weights)


Not much of pins and needles sensation. Yes, both arms starting from fingers to elbow go numb. Fingers getting extremely cold and white, sometimes show purplish colour in nails - especially the right hand thumb and index finger. My toes also get pretty cold and icy especially during evenings so after coming back from work I still keep them completely covered which by the  way doesn't help much!!


Thanks for your advice. Yes, I will see my doctor soon for this condition. Yes, I am a diabetic and have hypo thyroidism but both conditions are under control with meds and diet. I did not notice any purple skin patches but yes, definitely the thumb and index finger's nails.


Thanks, will follow up with my doctors...soon.


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