I'm 77 and have bradycardia and had a pacemaker installed in September of this year.  After recovery from the implaant I noticed the occasional indiscriminate twitching or electrical surge.  They grew more  frequent and became an annoyance.

The technician who diid the device check said the implant went perfectly and I'm only using the device 13% and mostrly when I'm in deep sleep.  When I discussed the twitching, he had never hesrd if it and said he had twitches too.

I then went to an acupucturist and told him my problem. He had not heard of it either but said my organs were out of sync.  He did a proceedure to insert pins in both feet and wrist.

Its only been a day since the proceedure but there is a marked decrease in the number and intensity of the twitches.

It was the accupunturust who did the research and turned me on to this site.



by MrTech - 2019-12-01 13:20:56

Just curious, 

how did an acupuncturist diagnose that ‘your organs were out of sync’? 

Which blood tests did they perform to  check the organs and specifically which tests to see how they sync together. 

Also, I’m a bit confused how a pacemaker implant would cause organs to become out of sync and how that would manifest as ‘electric surges’. 


Really intersted in the evidence based science approach to all this. 


by Gussett - 2019-12-10 13:27:12

The body produces oddities that sometimes can't be explained.  When I went to the ER and was diagnosed with CHB, just prior to that and for at least 3 days, I had severe involuntary twitches/jolts that would not allow me to sleep.  In fact, I couldn't sleep for 30 hours.  On the 4th day at the hospital prior to implant, these began to subside and now that I have the pacemaker, I still get them but they resemble the involuntary twitches most of us get normally.  I talked to the nurses and doctors at the hospital about this (I spent 6 days in ICU) but they didn't really respond - looked at me a bit strangely.  

I will also say that when I was asked about symptoms at the ER I told them one of my symptoms was something that felt like very minimal electrical sensations in my chest.  I actually wondered if all of this related to the last dying breath of my own electrical system!

Who knows - what I know is that the doctors don't know!

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