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Hello All, I have just joined this club it looks very encouraging and supportive to me. I have received my pacemaker on July 29, 2019 after suddnly collapsed at home with a complete heart block and a heart beat of 20. Now the doctors has mentioned that my both branches are not working and I am 100% relying on the pacemaker. I have two leads 362701 Siello S 53 & 362702 Siello S 60 with  device Biotronik 407145 - Edora 8 DR-T.  In my first device clinic appt they said that my pacemaker is 100% working, now I am going for my second appt on Nov 29 but a little bit worried that I am totally relying on the machine. Please advice what questions shall I ask them about the performance print out? Precautions? As I have also two stents since 2008. I am also pre diabitic and 55 years of age. Your assistance in this regard would be highly appreciated.


Don't worry

by AgentX86 - 2019-11-27 13:50:15

I'm dependent too and have an intentional heart block so my atria do nothing. I'm paced only in my ventricles. Relying on "the machine " sounds scary but these things are incredibly reliable. Most also have an escape rhythm which will at least keep you alive until you can get to an ER.

You really need to study your pacemaker"s manual a bit and do some research before the printout will make sense. Everyone is different so what is important to me may not be relevant for you.

Precautions? Pretty much the same as any other pacemaker recipient. My EP is particularly worried about interference because, unlike most, I don't have an escape rhythm to fall back on (AV/His ablation). You should talk with your EP to see if you have any unusual restrictions.

Stents are no issue (I've had a CABG). You need to watch your diabetes though (not particularly because of your pacemaker). That's not fun. My wife is a diabetic and wouldn't trade my heart problems for her diabetes for a second. Hers is under control but it can be devastating.

Check out Dr. Greger

by Swangirl - 2019-11-27 14:48:41

Go to Dr. Greger's website and google diabetes.  It is 100% free and 100% research based.  


by Syed - 2019-11-27 18:32:45

Thank you so much for all of your kind and informative advices and the motivational support. I really appreciate it. Kind regards,

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