Triumphant Return

Today I returend to the Racquetball Court -  I had hit the ball by myself a few times but had not played a match. 

I was definitely apprehensive and did not know what to expect.   The guy I played is of simiklar skill level.... we go to all out war when we play.  

He said you set the pace..... we will go as hard or as easy as you feel appropraite. 

I had imagined us gentlemenly hitting the ball around......

It didnt take long until it was ...All out war !  three games for about an hour.

I am so excited  - skill level wise I am rusty a little but we agreed im about 85% .

I think I will be a better player than I was after a short time.

Lookong at my data (I know its not 100% accurate off a watch) but heart rate seemed to stay pretty low low 85-120 for what I was doing.  I am hoping this data was gathered on my device and  and more can be gathered between now and my device interrogation on 12/11.   There were a couploe of times after an instense point I felt that if it was an actual match I would have taken a time out to recover some or catch my breath - I figured that could be either not used to it quite yet or maybe my device can be tweaked to supply more oxygen as my body demands.

Overall I am greatly encouraged





recovery re sports

by LynnClaire - 2019-11-28 11:41:59

Hi- I just found this group and just joined last night. In fact, I just got my pacemaker two days ago. For arrythmia that came out of nowhere. Played pickleball 3-4 times/week for 3 hours minimum each time, then 3 weeks ago I started being short of breath and my heart rate went from normal to 35, 40. In a flash, here I am with a darned pacemaker in me. I was told 2-4 weeks to return to pickleball then a nurse the other day told me 6 weeks. I hope she was wrong. I was just wondering how long you waited to return to your sport..?

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