Hello folks!...

I am star...couldn't get in so had to re-register.

I saw my EP today...and the only question is whether to extract my 14 year old at343 lead...It's a single lead that set for demand.

However today the EP said again it was risky and gave me the 1 in hundred or two hundred of potential problems with lead extraction. And that a cardiac surgeon had to be present to crack open should there be any bleeding...

His advise was to leave it in and not take the risk...Also said that this lead although just a single lead...was a little thicker as it had two leads in it.

So ...i said ok...you make the call... although i would have wish it could be removed...

Opinions please? Thanks...Smitty?

ps...this EP i have be told ...knows what he is doing or is good.


hope this helps

by bambi - 2007-04-12 03:04:58

Hi Star,
I'm not sure if this will get through to you, but we can try! I had both my leads extracted last July, so my superior vena cava could be opened and a stent placed to help keep it open.The leads were replaced 3 days later. What your Dr. says is true. It is risky to extract leads. They are almost always extracted with a laser sheath now, which cuts through the scar and fibrous tissue we have built up around the leads over time.This makes the old fashioned way of more or less "tugging" them out a lot safer. The longer your leads have been in, the tougher it is to get them out. It is also true that a thoracic or cardiac surgeon would have to be present in case of rupture. This is life threatening, and yes, they would have to open your chest. This is also a long procedure, anywhere from 3-6 hours. You might want to seek a second opinion and base your decision by balancing the information given. This Dr. is right to warn you of the potential risks however! I hope this helps! Take care and let me know how you do!

Double up?

by valbob89 - 2007-04-12 10:04:27


I've heard that rather than extract an old lead, some doctors implant new ones alongside. Of course, that wouldn't work if you're to get a stent as did Bambi, above.

I also have heard that the leads can be rough on the valves. Oh well.



by starrider - 2007-04-13 05:04:48

I like this site...lots of information.

So as Bambi said ...with laser there is less tugging with the old fashion way of extraction...Question: This should lessen the danger of the procedure with the use of laser?

Bob...This is something new to me to...however it makes sense in that if one has more wire going through a valve...it could cause more problems...


extract or not

by colldoll - 2007-04-19 10:04:38

Star if they say you don't have to don't - I have tons of old leads since I was 19 had 3 in a half removed one broke they were shooting for6 - If you don;t have to leave them alone -I wish I could get out of it but they actually labeled me as having excessive hardware- Oh I love that Leave them be Love to you Colleen

Thanks Colleen...

by starrider - 2007-04-22 02:04:26

Wow ... Your're one tough lady!


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