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I'm getting a PM implant on this Friday and am a bit indifferent about it. I understand it is what it is and I cannot predict the future, I do trust the Sovereignty of God, however I'm yearning to get as much information as I can regarding my surgery and recovery. I have ignored it up until now as though it might just fix itself but Friday just keeps getting closer!!  I'm a very active and an avid horsewoman and Grandma. I ride everyday and haul to compete.  I have Bradycardia, sick sinus node. I have not seen very many horseman/women with PM even on this sight so I'm reaching out to see if anyone has experience with riding and the PM.  Also I have done some reading and have opted to have the PM put sub- pectoral as it seems it will be better protected and secure.  Is this true?  Thank you in advance for your answers!!     



by Gotrhythm - 2019-11-12 12:59:41

Make sure your doctor knows of your love of riding. Not all pacemakers work the same way to increase your heartrate when needed. Pacemakers that depend on vibration will increase your heartrate with any movement that bounces. For instance, riding in a car over a bumpy road will cause my pacemaker to speed up, even though all I'm "doing" is sitting.  Not dangerous, but very uncomfortable.

I have a St. Jude's pacemaker. I was told there were only two things the pacemaker restricted me from doing.  One was use a jackihammer. And the other was ride horses.

Other pacemakers use measurements other than vibration to "know" when to increase the heartrate, and might be a better choice.

Which pacemaker to use will be the surgeon's decision,  I can't be too emphatic when I urge you to talk him/her about what riding horses means to you and your desire to continue. Don't leave what device you get up to chance!

Horseback Riding

by Phil413 - 2019-11-12 15:37:22

Thank you both so much!!!  I'm going to message them right now to find out!!!  

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by donr - 2019-11-12 18:04:05

...Hi -o- Silver - AWAY!!!


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