Magnets in Slep Number Beds

Someone a couple weeks ago asked if magnets in a Sleep Number bed would affect a PM or ICD.  I wrote NO.  Went by our local Seep Number store in Atlanta to find out if I had been completely correct, since I made a couple assumptions for my answer.

Young woman sales rep looked at me & said "You have a PM, right?"  I told her the whole sordid tale about my reasons for asking & she had a surprising knowledge about PM's & magnets  Seems they just happened to have a male sales Rep in that store & he was pretty saavy about the subject.  BO - here's the scoop!

1) there are FOUR magnet sets betweeen the mattress & the "Box Spring."  In the case of a SN bed, it is either a steel frame or a wooden slab.  The steel frane versions are adjustable & can raise up the head, foot or both. 

2)  The magnets have a large steel disk (about 2 inches in dianeter) om their "Back" side.  This acts as a "Keeper plate, which keeps magnetic flux controlled on that side.  She had a steel screwdriver handy & it barely stuck to the steel plate.  My guess is is that you would have to practically press that side against your PM to have any effect.

3)  The bottom magnet is screwed to the steel frame or wooden slab.  The top magnet is sewn to a very stiff, non-stretchable canvas bottom of the mattress cover.

4)  The four pairs of magnets are face to face when the bed is assembled.  They tried to demonstrate how tightly they grip ome another and failed - they coud not pry them apart.  That means there is almost zero magnetic flux escaping from that junction area.  Therefore no affect in the pm from that source.

4) They are rare Earth supermagnets, so they really attract one another . I was correct about the mattress thickness - 14 inches.  The mattress is full of pressurized air, so it is not going to collapse.  If it springs a leak, there is a foam rubber border around the air cells and aa topper of foam about 1 inch thick that will keep the mattress from going tp zero thickness.  The sets of magnets are about 6 inches from the ends of the mattress & about 4 inches from the sides.  Very little chance that you ciuld lie w/ your PM anywhere near the location of a pair of magnets.

Sleep tight - you are safe.



Keep illuminating us

by Gotrhythm - 2019-11-12 14:33:32

I just love it when you bring us your engineering knowledge wrapped in your abiltiy to explain things in layman's terms!

When I first joined pacemaker club I was so frustrated by my inability to get any useful information from medical people. At that time I was having spells of suddenly feeling weak and tired and awful. When I would check the pulse/oximeter I would get a reading of 98% O2 and pulse of 32. Within 15-20 seconds the pulse reading would return to 65. And I would feel okay.

I asked a pacemaker tech what might be happening, and she just said, "That's impossible!"

But I know that in nature by definition "impossible" things don't happen. Therefore if they do happen, they are not impossible. I felt stymied...and anxious. I knew I had a problem but no way to communicate about it.

So I came to Pacemaker Club and related my experience.

I still remember your explanation of what exactly a pulse/ox measures and why a measured pulse rate could be less that the pacemaker's base rate, even when device was accurate and the pacemaker was "fine."

When I try to say the difference your answer made not just in my understanding but in my confidence, in my willingness to advocate for myself and to politely demand that I be treated not as a supplicant for medical care, but as a partner...

All I know is things changed for me. Maybe it's like that Bible quote, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." I knew there was a place I could come and get answers. Real, useful answers.

Many others have helped me many times since. But it started with you.





Re: Thanks

by donr - 2019-11-12 18:57:56

Rhythm:  Appreciate the thanks.  Glad I could help.  That's what we are all here for.



by ROBO Pop - 2019-11-16 17:13:31

Just remember, Donr does drugs...

Guys you all worry far too much about magnets.


by Ellen - 2019-11-22 12:05:07

I remember when I could go to a chiropractor's office years ago, I couldn't get on any equipment that had magnets in them.  It was the chiropractor's orders.  And I was told I can't have a bath tub that has jets because of magnets.  I am 100% pacemaker dependent so I don't argue.  LOL!  You have a lot of very interesting posts Donr.  And thank-you for your service and keeping us and our country safe.  I have COPD and asthma so I couldn't take Amiadorone which I'm glad.  I actually had one cardiologist years ago tell me that Amiaderone was garbage.  I have heard it has temporarily helped a few people.  But there are too many side effects to suit me.  I had my first pm implanted in "2003" also.  

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