Blood pressure rise

Got my PM 3 weeks ago. Felt great that day, then shortly after laying down for sleep I started having chest and neck pain. BP has shot up to 186/125. Went to hospital and they found no issues. Follow up with heart doctor, EKG, sonogram, PM checked and all looks fine. Since then blood pressure has been high. A few nights ago 192/86. Dr has increased my BP med and added another. Also started a steroid pack for possible inflammation. BP is still running 130-150's. Anyone experienced similar issues and what was the answers/fix. Of course anxiety over this is not helping.


I'm sure anxiety isn't helping

by AgentX86 - 2019-11-09 00:09:53

Your BP is high but it's not in the stratosphere.  It needs to come down but it's not an immediate threat.  When I was first diagnosed with Afib, my BP was 260/200.  That bought me a few days in the hospital (and avoided shoveling 36" of snow in the mean time ;-).  I'm sure they'll get the meds right and you'll be fine. 

As you say, the anxiety of the high BP isn't helpful.  After my CABG, my insurance company assigned a nurse to call and see how I was doing each week, for six months or so.  The one thing that sticks in my head is the breathing exercises she taught me.  I can drop my BP 20 points just by breathing right.  The key is relaxation (the anti-anxiety).

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