Pain from Pressure (PM location)

Hi, I got my PM 7mo ago. Have recovered nicely, (although it’s weird to have a device in me.) My seatbelt has agitated it, etc, but nothing big.


Was moving Friday, up some serious steps, and the full weight of a heavy box hit me right in my lump. Now it aches and seems slightly swollen. Pressure hurts.


I’m guessing this is all normal? I’ve got quite the scar, but the PM doesn’t really show normally (ample...) 


Honestly, it’s just kinda weird. I’m not fully used to it. I also feel more vulnerable on the street or in crowds, like if someone shouldered me in the PM, it would hurt like a B & idk how vulnerable it actually makes me.


Thoughts? Advice? Personal experiences?

Thanks! (Haven’t had to be on here b/c have had very few issues!) 






Bumps and lumps

by Theknotguy - 2019-11-04 15:53:59

Yeah, getting bumped in the pacemaker area will cause pain.  There is some sub-surface healing that goes on for quite a while after the skin scar heals.

I went back to working in a wood shop about nine months after my pacemaker implant.  I'd be OK while I was working in the wood shop, everything would be going great.  The next morning it would feel like someone had wrapped my pacemaker with sand paper and scrubbed it around in my shoulder area.  It would take me four days with Tylenol plus hot and cold packs before I'd get back to "normal".  So that entire area is sensitive until everything finishes healing and getting stretched out.  

As long as you don't have redness, discolorization, really bad swelling, and aren't running a fever you should be OK.  Like I said, Tylenol, hot and cold packs will help too.  

I think it was after working at the wood shop for about three months everything finally settled down and I could do anything I wanted without any problems.  Of course there was the occasional day where I'd push it too much and I'd feel it the next day.  But I knew I was pushing it.   I'm six years out now and just got back from driving from 9:30 AM to 6PM - three hundred and some miles.  Mostly used my left hand which meant my arm on the PM side was elevated and I was using it a lot.  When I got up this morning the pacemaker pocket was a little sore.  But otherwise I can do just about anything I want to and I don't have any problems.  

Hope everything else is going well for you.  

it happens

by dwelch - 2019-11-04 21:23:10

32 years with pacers.  the seatbelt is the biggest problem for me, I have a big fuzzy seat belt cover thing and thats about the best I can do with it.  

have taken some good hits in the pacer.  carrying boxes, yes gotta watch the corners/etdges. sadly bumps are part of life, the more you get though the more you subconciously protect it by either avoiding situations, or being quick to protect it with your arms or whatever.  My wife and daughters heads are right at pacer height so if we are not careful then I get a hit when getting a hug and it hurts.

The pacer itself is more durable than you are, you need to make sure you didnt hurt the skin, open it up, etc.  Dont hesitate to call the doc if you think you may have a cut or infection.  

There are pads you can buy, some folks that want to still play hockey have talked about them on this site.  or even just some thick cloth or other similar padding.  

it really is just a part of life, like not stubbing your toe when walking around the house.




Seatbelt fix

by lmpres - 2019-11-11 08:42:36

Hi guys.  I got in touch with a seller on Etsy who sold those seatbelt pads.  I explained that it was still irritating the PM site.  I suggested she put 2 pads on the pacemaker about 3" to 4" apart so the strap would be above the site. Works like a charm!  Been using this design for 3 years now.

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