Biologic Treatment for Psoriasis with PM

Since my cardiac issues began in mid-August 2019 and pacemaker placement I've also developed significant psoriasis on about half of my body. I'm taking antibiotics, using a steroid cream, and getting phototherapy three times a week. The psoriasis seens to be getting worse, not better. I want to have a conversation with my dermatologist and cardiologist/EP about biologics or other systenic meds to treat the psoriasis. Has anyone dealt with this? PM implications? Cardiac side-effexts?



Psoriasis flare-ups due to stress are well known

by crustyg - 2019-11-05 12:32:55

Stress is a well known cause of worsening psoriasis - and you've been stressed a lot.

Make a bee-line for your skin specialist - the last thing you need right now is much worse psoriasis.

I may be out of date: for a long time the most effective treatment for serious psoriasis was methotrexate with the well known risk of liver damage. But I understand that some of the monoclonal Ab agents are also very effective - and they also have their significant risks, but not, I *think*, directly against the heart.

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