Infection again after inserting the PAcemaker twice

hello all

am hoping for some advice , thanks a lot of reading - 

my mom is 63 and had irregular heart beat and fainted a couple of times before we diagnosed that she needed a PM ; two years back 

The surgery was successful but she kept feeling uncomfortable and after a year she had the area to protrude and was immediately taken into another surgery where the PM was put under the muscle this time ; as she has very very delicate skin 

now after another 6 months there is infection around the area again and the doctors are doing another surgery to take it off 😔

feel sorry for her ; her options that we can think off and are suggested by the doctors are 

- remove the pacemaker disinfect the area and add it on her right hand side ( use the same PM)  here what is without a PM in the meanwhile something triggers 

- use a leadless pm ; to avoid the situation again ( we have never heard of anyone using this but just read about it ) 

has anyone been in a similar boat where the skin is so soft that is continuously affected by the instrument 

has anyone used leadless Pm ? is it better and recommended ; 

what if she does not get one ; can medications replace the same 

apprecaite the response and suggestions 

warm regards 



by Thunder6 - 2019-10-31 10:03:44

Never re-use the same pacemaker device..never put back in same place. and finally...GO to MAYO CLinic....they saved my life!!!

take out and clean out...leave out for 1 week while on strong antibiotics, then replace. I was pacer dependent so I was outside paced via neck during that week. Doesn't sound like your mom is dependent on keeping her alive so would be easier.

Again...I can't express enough to go to MAYO Clinic.

Good Luck!

I agree

by Swangirl - 2019-10-31 16:32:13

I hope your mother has choices with her insurance so she can go somewhere else and get some expert treatment.  If she doesn't it's open enrollment time for most insurance and you can help her get another plan that allows her to find new providers starting in 2020.  There's something seriously wrong with her care.  I would not trust anything these doctors suggest.  Going to a large medical center is a good suggestion--like Cleveland clinic or Mayo clinic or a University Hospital.  

Thank you from Delhi - India

by nanand - 2019-10-31 17:10:08

Appreciate the response ; we are in delhi India ; but in the top most hospital ; and in the surgery is done by the top most doctor who does a few a day ; really senior and really renowned ; the only reason for not switching the doctor is that he knows the history have gone through the journey for two years all checkups medicines plus is really renowned ; I can see him faulter for the first time where he could have directly inserted it under the muscle knowing the texture of the skin but he did not read it well.

as suggested by someone ; should we go for a different pacemaker too along with the shift to the other side 

also this time he is suggesting that since the infection was in the sleeve of the wire he will insert the wire below the muscle too ; would that be a good idea 

thanks again 


Most of us are not doctors

by Swangirl - 2019-10-31 19:41:03

You are asking technical medical questions and our "opinions" will not help your situation. Most of us are not doctors and our situation may not have anything to do with your mother's.  You are trying to get medical advice in the wrong place.  You need another doctor and another medical assessment.  I urge you not to let this hack keep experimenting with your mother.  There must be many accomplished doctors in India who have the expertise to help you.    


by nanand - 2019-10-31 19:58:07

Appreciate the response Swangirl, the idea is not to seek medical advice, which i am sure none of us are in a position to give ; the idea is to widen the limited horizon as to what has worked for people and i strongly believe that is what each one of us is here for.

The questions are more towards what people have done in the past given a scenario.

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