The Medicare Advantage plans are going crazy with their advertising trying to seduce Medicare recipients to switch or stay on their Advantage plan.  The provider organizations make way more money on these plans than they do on regular Medicare with a Plan F or Plan G supplement which is why the drumbeat goes on every few minutes on TV.  Don't do it.

There is an enormous amount of fine print on these plans.  You will have all kinds of deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket expenses.  You will be so sorry if you bite on these sales pitches and later in the year need some kind of an expensive procedure like a new device or a lead extraction.  The cost could break the bank

The other problem is that you will have NO control over your body or your choices.  The organization who provides the Advantage plan will offer you what they think you should have by their providers.  You will not be able to go anywhere in the country to any provider who accepts Medicare like you would on a Plan F or Plan G supplement.  If you do not like the care you are getting you are stuck until 2021.  

This is open enrollment period.  Be smart.  Look at the big picture.  Don't be lured by a small premium or in some cases no premium.  There is a "catch". Because so much advertising is directed to Advantage plans many people don't understand that there's a choice.  The better choice is to take regular Medicare and then a supplement.  These are offered by many different insurance companies and have letters like Plan A, Plan N etc.  The best ones are Plan F and Plan G and have no copays and just a small deductible.  It doesn't matter which company offers it, all Plan G's are the same.  With these plans you can go to anyone in the country that accepts Medicare with no copays and no referrals.  You have absolutely NO other costs except your premium which is usually between $200 and $250 a month and your separate Part D drug plan.  

Yes, the Advantage all-in-one plans make it look simplier and easier and if you don't have any serious problems or complications in 2020 you could save a few bucks, but those of us with these heart issues could be in for a sea of misery if we spin the roulette wheel and lose that bet.


Also note....

by Pacer2019 - 2019-11-24 22:46:09

Calculate your part D cost in the equation ..... do you need coverage for a hearing aide ? Transportation expenses ? 
with an advantage plan for example there is no cost for part D.

find a trusted licensed professional who is certified and follows the rules ..... such an individual cannot promote one over the other per regulations.

such and individual will help you weigh and calculate your exposure and anticipated costs.

also know ..... insurance is different in every state - there is no blanket answer that applies to everyone 


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