I had my pacemaker fitted 5 weeks ago, I still wake up with it at night, I feel like I have a lump of metal in my chest, my shoulder aches every day and it still feels lumpy and I cannot enjoy the sport I love which is running. Please can someone advise if it does get easier as it is getting me down. (It was fitted to speed my hear up as it was dropping to less than 20 beats per minute) Thank you.


Give yourself a break

by AgentX86 - 2019-10-28 12:23:39

It's only been a month! Give your body a chance to heal. Though I didn't have a lot of problems walking, from the get go, my PM pocket was very sensitive to the touch for eight months. At times it felt like a very bad sunburn. I can't imagine trying to run (that's never going to happen again). Then, almost overnight, everything was was much better. I now walk about 20mi per day.

turning point

by Tracey_E - 2019-10-28 22:10:35

I was doing low impact exercise almost immediately but impact like running was more like 6-8 weeks for me. It takes time for scar tissue to build up and numb it, but it will happen. 

I'll second what Sparrow said, if you are a she, a well fitted snug workout bra is key. 

Are you using your arm normally? It's easy to favor it when we are sore which means a loss of mobility and soreness. Sometimes a couple of visits to a PT will get us past that, sometimes just looking up some shoulder exercises is enough.  

Are you icing? That always works better for me than pain meds. 

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