Pacemaker "Timed Impulses"

I had a pacemaker implamted in early July.  Since implantation I've experienced strong electrical impulses on average at least once daily.  These "events" last for approx three minutes each.  The wierd thing is that they each only happen at five minutes after the hour.  I don't detect any pacing "events" at other times.  There is no pattern of the specific hour only at :05 after the hour.  These events will be strong enough to wake me from a sound sleep and I will have trouble breathing.  Two of the events were captured on EKG during my cardior rehab sessions.  I've provided the printouts to the doctors and am waiting on a response.  The professionals including doctors look at me like I'm crazy.   


Pacemaker self test

by Theknotguy - 2019-10-26 09:57:59

I'm continually surprised by the lack of knowledge by health care people.  You would think working around medical equipment they would have an interest and be willing to learn something but a lot of them don't.  It can be very frustrating at times.  

If the events you describe occur at the same time each day it usually indicates the pacemaker is going through a self check.  Don't know why but the times for the self checks are usually random and most often occur at night.  I think mine is set for 12:17 AM - why I don't know.  

You can ask your pacemaker tech to set the self check for a specific time.  That way when it happens you'll know what is going on.  Occasionally my pacemaker's self check wakes me too.  I'll glance at the clock, mentally say, "Oh, it's the self check.", and go back to sleep.  And of course the first few times it happens it can be really scary for the person involved.  

I hope everything else is going well for you and you are adjusting well to your pacemaker.


by AgentX86 - 2019-10-26 12:12:16

This is almost always the pacemaker doing a auto-calibration of the leads.  If it really bothers you, it can be turned off though you may have to go through more interrogations to make sure the pacemaker remains set up properly, manually.

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