told i need a pacemaker - update

Well I got my records today from my cardiologist and had plans to send them to the Cleveland clinic but that was stopped when I saw another doctor who recommended an exceptional EP doctor in my area.

He also told me that he doesn't believe he would recommend anything different since after looking at my records further(for the holter monitor) we found out that I had bouts of 2nd degree "high grade" av block between 2am and 6am...nothing at all showed during the day. Those were the 3 second delays between actual ventricular beats..He said that its on the borderline and if it were him he would not hesitate to get the pacemaker. Although, he highly recommended that I see the EP.

I believe that i said before that my heart rate dropped to 20bpm(thats what the doc said) but the tests show the lowest heart rate was 56bpm..which i didnt think was bad.

I think now that the dust has settled and I had a chance to look at the records and soak it in a little more I am starting to see that I might just be delaying the inevitable!!

So I am going to the EP and am expecting him to tell me that I need a pacemaker.

I think smitty said it best, we have to accept we are mere mortals and not bullet proof.

The doctors say its not a big deal you can still live your normal lifestyle....I cant participate in martial arts, and my plan to start my own business training dogs is out the window since I wont be able to get insurance for myself...

I disagree immensely that this does not change your lifestyle!!

thank you all once again for being here..I will continue to keep you posted.



Informed decision...

by auntiesamm - 2007-04-09 11:04:18

Hi Martin, Sounds as though you have been given some good information to process and digest regarding a pacemaker. I agree with you that you may be delaying the inevitable! My pacemaker was implanted after an emergency admit to ICU. I wish I had been given time to research and ask questions but my HR had been down to 29-30 and I was working and driving!! When I found out that those little "blips" I had experienced were syncopal episodes I was so thankful I had not been driving when they occurred. The first night in ICU my HR dropped to 26 and the nurses came in and woke me & made sure I was okay. That really scared me. Getting the pacemaker was a no brainer for me when I put all this together. I went home the day after implant, (never did I look back )and I resumed my life feeling confident that I was in much better condition than I had been. I do not worry that I might have a drop in HR or worse, have my heart stop. I seldom give my pacemaker a second thought anymore. It is something I am so grateful to have and I thank God every single day for it. You will hear similar stories from other club members.

Regarding insurance: are you saying you won't be able to get healthcare insurance, life insurance or business insurance? Do you currently have healthcare insurance? I hate to think of you giving up your dream of a dog training business. Maybe you can work something out. Good luck with your EP visit and making your decision. God bless and keep you.


by auntiesamm - 2007-04-10 02:04:55

Hi Again, Are you in the US? I don't know a thing about insurance anywhere else in the world except here.

Sharons Insurance Question

by shock537 - 2007-04-10 09:04:21

The doctor told me that my insurability will change and I will have a lot of trouble finding someone to insure me (healthcare wise) should I decide to start my own business. I can get insurance through the company I work for but wont be able to get my own insurance if I wanted to start my own business. Is this true, does anyone have any insight on this subject??

The funny thing is i just changed my life insurance and then all of this happened. The scary thing is I remember my father changed his life insurance, fond out he was in terrible shape(bloodpressure, heart, cholesterol etcc.) a month later he died of a heart attack.I think thats really added to the stress level of this whole thing...Strange how life works,,,

Give it thought

by Robert - 2007-04-12 09:04:32

Martin: I'm new at this. I had my PM installed just three months ago and am going in for my checkup next week. My need was identified after an auto accident. I was very fortunate. Seeing a good EP I've been told by medical friends is the best way to go. While no one can make the decision for you, you probably will be encouraged to go for the implant. If you are having identifiable rhythm problems, even if your PM kicks in only once in your lifetime, it just may be the time you needed it.

Best wishes making your decision.


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